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Kevin Black, MA, MBA

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Kevin Black, MA, MBA

Kevin is the Principal and Founder, of Executive Command, a Scottsdale-based learning and development company that develops strategic leaders. He is a veteran US Army officer and seasoned entrepreneur, nationally recognized for strategy and leadership development consulting services.   He has helped clients across a variety of industries, from businesses with 10 employees to over 400.  One client increased their customer base from 30,000 to 1MM in 18 months; one executed an IPO utilizing his intellectual property.  Overall, his work has helped create over $500MM of value.


Kevin has a Bachelor of Arts in History from the Virginia Military Institute, a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from Arizona State University and a Master of Business Administration from the W.P. Carey School of Business.  He is a certified trainer in the behavioral science tool, Professional Dynametrics Program(R).  Kevin teaches two courses on military history at the Scottsdale Community College. 


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Executive Command
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President and Founder
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Management Consulting
I develop strategic leaders
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Executive Command(R) is a learning and development company that develops strategic leaders.Established in 2007, the company has helped its clients create value through custom strategy and leadership development programs.  Client portfolio spans a variety of industries, such as identity theft, executive talent search, biotech, and technology.  Executive Command(R) has been highlighted and featured in PC Magazine and the Phoenix Business Journal as well as resourced by Entrepreneur Magazine and the Wall Street Journal Online.   The company has also been a contributor to internet and local AM Radio and spotlighted on Phoenix Channels 3, 5 and 15.  LifeLock(R) CEO Todd Davis public endorsed Executive Command(R) on Channel 3, Phoenix TV.


P.O. Box 2376
(480) 251-3147

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