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Katy Geary

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Katy Geary

Born and raised in New Mexico, Katy found her second home in Arizona and earned a degree in Advertising at Northern Arizona University. Katy continues to help her clients grow their business by applying over eight years of combined corporate and entrepreneurial expertise with specialties in launching marketing campaigns and introducing products/services for new and existing companies through graphic design. Katy's experience led her ot create out-of-the-box designs that were utilized for major automotive research, consultation, instructional design, logistics, and training/facilitation for global client bases. These included among others: Acura, BMW, Audi, MINI, smart, Volkswagen, and Honda. Her experience in planning, designing, and executing projects has enabled her to be a part of multi-million dollar events, giving her the skills and confidence needed to efficiently meet clients' enterprising demands and deliver first-class communication solutions both nationally and internationally. Through proven graphic design principles, Katy produces a complex range of design mediums for clients and ensures consistent branding throughout each project while maintaining a high level of excellence in quality and expectations. In addition to professional media, Katy has a passion for designing customized invitations, announcements, and promotional items for life's events.

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