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Karen Lawrence, EA

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Karen Lawrence, EA

As a business advisor and coach for over 20 years, I help small businesses, individuals, and sales professional an "edge"​ in business and life.  I do this by sharing knowledge, mentoring, training, coaching, and being a cheerleader for your success!

My businesses background has focused in the following industries: training in personal and business development, sales, marketing, income tax advisory, real estate investments, and a nationwide referral/networking and marketing business.

Also, I love to write!  I've written and published several articles on small business topics, motivational, sales, leadership, and more.  I even wrote a humorous little book called "How Selling is Like Dating"​ which is about sales and networking and how it is so similar to dating.  (There are a few personal stories in there too...just not too personal! LOL)  

I've been a featured or keynote speaker for several workshops and seminars on various topics related to business building, sales, personal development, marketing, networking, motivation/inspiration, taxation, business entity formation, and several other topics. 

And, for fun, I organize and facilitate several networking events for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  


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Karen's Edge/Financial Evolutions, LLC
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Business Advisor | Certified Rapid Results Coach | Trainer | Speaker | Author
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Small Business Training, Mentoring, Coaching & Tax Advice
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My specialty is training on business operations, sales, marketing, and looking at things from a "different" perspective to get the results you want in business.  Not only do I provide the business advice you need - but also coaching, accountability, mentoring, and hand-holding as needed.  Anything can be accomplished with the right plan and tools!  The way to get the results you want in business starts with a clear vision and goal.  Sure, you may need to learn some techniques or sharpen some skills. But, once you have a solid plan in place, the rest is simple implementation.  I'll help you get on the right path – lift you over the bumps and guide you around the curves.  We'll refine the details along the way!


Bring me your dream – we'll turn it into a goal.
Bring me your goal – we'll turn it into a strategic plan.
PO Box 1109
Queen Creek
(480) 540-1550

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