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Josh Weiss

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Josh Weiss

PUBLIC RELATIONS / MEDIA RELATIONS / COMMUNITY RELATIONS / INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS– Devised and implemented successful external and internal public relations and communications campaigns for local, regional and national companies. Experienced at producing attention-grabbing press releases and garnering media coverage as lead company spokesman. Developed social media strategies. Created successful community relations and employee involvement programs. Directed corporate giving efforts. Proven experience collaborating with Executive and senior management to develop strategic plans to achieve corporate goals and initiatives.

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10 to 1 Public Relations
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Business Website
Public Relations and Communications
Public Relations and Event Planning, Marketing and Communications
Business Description

What's Your Story?

It takes 10 good things to be said about your company to make up for 1 bad. Since it's inevitable that a negative story (legitimate or false) will occur, it's essential to build up a "good will bank" to protect your image.

10 to 1 Public Relations is focused on ensuring our clients' reputation and image can withstand any threat. We start by understanding how company leaders perceive their own organization, and compare that to how they are viewed by their target audiences. 10 to 1 Public Relations then creates a personalized communications and reputation management strategy using all the available tools and methods to make sure the image you want people to recall is what they remember.

Our expertise include:

  • Core Message Strategies
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media
  • Product/Market Launches
  • Trade Shows
  • Collateral Material Messaging
  • Community Involvement
  • Public Affairs
(480) 789-0743

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