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Jessica McGee

I was recently laid off and couldn't be happier. With a background in other entrepreneurial efforts, corporate career experience, and a thirst for knowledge I am confident I am on the path to creating my own quality of life. A drive for success and a renewed sense of helping others I have been able to incorporate the things I am most passionate about. I love to meet new people, brainstorm with others, and being of service to my fellow mankind. If there is ever anything I can do I encourage you to contact me. Even if you don't know how we might benefit from our relationship, you never know until we have the opportunity to get to know one another. Cell: 480-980-6254 Email: jesszula@writelogiq.com

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VitaMentality.com AND WriteLogiq.com
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With WriteLogiq I am a content specialist and freelance author. I have been able to assist individuals and businesses with a wide variety of written services. I am a magic maker that incorporates your image with the right setting and way to say it. It is through this direction in which I am able to unite creativity with my passion for writing. Anything new that comes my way is a challenge that is welcomed and conquered. Services include and are not limited to: blogs, articles, ezine content, fillers, profiles, biographies, web content, tag lines, mottos, editing, creative writing, research writing, brochure content, creating ads, newsletters, personalized note cards, copy, speeches, press releases, and marketing material. Your image is my success! WriteLogiq, envision it write.
VitaMentality is a method in which I am able to express my thoughts, ideas, and research that encompasses wellness. It is a subject that reaches many areas of our life whether it be from general health, humanitarianism, your version of spirituality, family, and being eco friendly. However, I also make sure to touch on subjects such that reach into our finances, relating to others, business, entrepreneurship, and relationships. You are welcome to read many articles and blogs that I have solely been responsible for. You will be subject to my opinions and thoughts but it is a safe haven, that I promise. There you will never come across anything that attacks, denotes, or is negative. It is with this combined sphere of wellness that incorporates all these pieces to create our life. It is my dedication to bring education and knowledge to those that are open to receiving.

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