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Jillian Milam

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Jillian Milam

Jillian has been a professional photographer for over 10 years. She has experience with business portraits, weddings, events, fashion, maternity, sports, real estate, landscape, and commercial/product photography. In the last several years she has been focused mainly on business portraits as well as product and commercial photography. She has many clients that send her items from all around North America. (References available upon request) She loves the process of creating an image that truly represents the client's product. In this digital age it is very important to be able to provide the potential buyer with an accurate representation of the item.

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Early Morning Light Studio
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Professional Photographer
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Professional Business Portraits
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Jillian has been a professional photographer for over 15 years.  She began as a studio photographer in Central California.  In the last 5 years she has switched her focus to business and family portraits as well as fashion and product photography.  She prides herself on her work and customer satisfaction.

You can view her work on her Instagram Profile www.instagram.com/earlymorninglightstudio and her Facebook business page www.facebook.com/earlymorninglightstudio


Jillian has also recently began working with Scott Stolze - Teaching 2 Lead and it's new program How To Lead Yourself To A Fulfilling Career.  Hosting several groups - Networking Phoenix, Meetup and Facebook.

The Teaching 2 Lead Group is a community for those who are inspired to become better Leaders of themselves and who want to live a more fulfilling life. If you want to become a better Leader, if you want be a better leader of yourself, and if you want to realize more fulfillment in your personal life and in your career this group is for you. We can all sometimes be too quick to judge or criticize others, to cast blame, to not hold ourselves accountable. What we really need to do is work on becoming better leaders of ourselves first and work on on owning our lives. This group is all about being accountable and taking actionable steps to have a bigger impact on others and to realize more fulfillment. Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Teaching2Lead or to become even more involved join our Facebook Group page at www.facebook.com/groups/teaching2lead/ In this community we will share stories and lessons and wisdom that can help with all of this. Come here to read and listen and watch, but also feel free to share your stories and wisdom so that we can all support and help each other. This Group is not about promoting yourself or your business, it's about growing yourself and supporting and helping others. The administrators in this group are part of the Teaching 2 Lead team. Teaching 2 Lead was created and founded by Scott Stolze, who discovered that in order to realize true fulfillment in life he needed to become a better Leader of himself and always hold himself 100% responsible for his actions. Scott teaches others about Leadership by showing them how to become better leaders of themselves. His Signature Program, How To Lead Yourself To A Fulfilling Career, shows working professionals who are motivated to grow how to develop their career skills and become better leaders of themselves so that they can make a bigger organizational impact and realize more fulfillment in their career. You can find more information on Scott, and on Scott's Signature Program, How To Lead Yourself To A Fulfilling Career, at his website: www.scottstolze.com


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