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Jess Bielby

1.America's own BEST HOME FOODS is a Kingdom based business designed to lend a helping hand by providing families all across the United States with low cost, but healthy groceries. When families have a hand up in the food category of their monthly budget, their dollars can be stretched further in other areas. Visit our site, www.besthomefoods.com.

2. Christian Brothers LLC is a Kingdom based business operating according to the principals of Christ's Kingdom.

3. Kansas Food 4 life is now Best Home Foods

4.House of Faith is home for Kansas Food 4 Life, Gospel Associates, Kingdom Prophetics, LCC, ACCM.
Gospel Associates is an established, seasoned prophetic ministry within the Body of Christ. G. A. is led by Jess Bielby, a Governmental Prophet who communicates the Word of God to confirm and equip, foundationally, each member. Bielby gives insight to the church and marketplace, providing the Word of the Lord that each believer might find faith and purpose and destiny in God's Kingdom. Uniquely, God gives him very specific revelations and insight which allows him the ability to address heart issues as well as Kingdom designs and foresight.
Gospel Associates was founded in 1964 by A.J. “Jim” and Ann Bielby, whose lives were dramatically changed during the outpouring known as the Jesus Movement. G.A. is now recognized as an Apostolic umbrella for powerful, progressive ministries that seek to change hearts and lives by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jess oversees the operation of G.A., House of Faith, and other projects with assistance from additional 5 –fold ministry from across the nation and around the world.

Gospel Associates is dedicated to Kingdom transformation and pursuing God’s purposes for all of mankind.

Thy Kingdom come Thy will be Done.

Gospel Associates, P.O. Box 153,
Benton, Kansas 67017-0153

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Best Home Foods
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Founder / Managing Partner
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