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Jeff Fagin

Having spent the past 40 years learning the principles of money and success from the great educators, and having run one of largest personal success training companies in the world and worked with some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs in the world today, especially T. Harv Eker, I am driven to educate and inspire others to reach their full potential.

In addition to having a financial services business that helps people learn how to manage and grow their money more effectively, I'm also the CEO of Caliber Company ... a Wealth Development Company based in Scottsdale, Arizona that helps investors get significantly higher returns than the general market, primarily in real estate. Finally, I'm the founder of the Phoenix 2% Club which is dedicated to helping Valley residents reach their full financial potential.

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Cloud Income Properties Inc
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CEO & Business Development Head
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Internet Marketing
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Cloud Income Properties is to web-based business investing what real estate investors are to profitable managed buildings, in other words we buy successful, cash-flow positive businesses, renovate and strategically improve them, and the resell them to other investors with the option to have one of our strategic partners manage the site like a property management firm manages a property to produce income for the investor. Ideal for people looking to improve their retirement portfolio performance, franchise buyers, or business investors alike, our Cloud Income Properties go through extremely rigorous review prior to purchase until we find the best sites possible for our team to buy, fix, improve, and resell, and for those interested parties, for our strategic partner firm to manage on their behalf. Find out how in 2 short years one of our clients has already increased their cash flow so that they have taken over 50% returns on their investment already, by contacting us today!

11811 North Tatum Boulevard
Address Line 2
Suite 3031

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