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Jeff D.Brown

My mission and purpose in life is to help and serve others, also known as "Servant Leadership."  

One way I do that is through the 3 businesses I operate.

Prior to now I've been a dishwasher at Coco's restaurant in Scottsdale (#21) (now torn down), a graduate of MCC (Mesa) and ASU (Tempe), a high school teacher (ask me about the Guinness World record at PV high school),  a financial services rep. selling life, disability and group medical insurance (license is active), also sold mutual funds, bonds, and annuities (Series 6 & 42),  I taught "Business Communications" and "Owning and Operating a Small Business" courses for 12 years at Rio Salado CC and Paradise Valley CC.  I was in Retail Banking for 20 years with Western Savings, Valley National Bank (the best bank in town), and Great Western Bank.  I then was a trainer and National Sales Manager for a local PEO (Professional Employer Organization) in Scottsdale/Phoenix.  I built, trained and managed sales teams in 7 different markets in the Southwest and they are still #1 in the Phoenix Book of Lists!!!!!  I then moved on to working at a Phoenix training company as an admissions rep. running their non-profit, managing the Staffing company and concluding with Career Services Manager.  

I am currently a Senior Advisor for Waypoint Senior Consulting helping individuals and families make wiser decisions if they choose to place their loved one in an Assisted Living, Group Care Home, Memory Care or other options.  I'm all about "teaching, training, mentoring and coaching" and I absolutely love helping people gather information, visit and evaluate options, objectively discuss finances of their decision and make better decisions for their loved ones to "age in place."  The cool thing about this service is there is no out of pocket cost to the families since I get paid from the facilities if and when a placement occurs.  And if it doesn't, I still have a servant's heart and feel good about helping another human being in their journey!  Let me know if I can help you or anyone in your network.

I also own and operate a Corporate Training company (name in development) AND I have another business that helps employed people look for and find their next job.  My mentor, Dan Miller, says in his book "48 Days To The Work You Love" (revised edition) that the average American will be working in their current job 2.2 years and then be looking again."  Now you can better understand the name of the business as "Next Jobs 2.2".  

Check my LinkedIn profile at www.linkedin.com/injeffdbrown2009 for more information, shoot me a connection request and by all means let me know if and how I can fill your needs in any of these areas.  And if your needs are in other areas, chances are I can refer you to someone in my network.  As Gelie says, "it's all about Networking."   Besides LinkedIn, you can also reach me at either 602.909.9061 or send an email to me at "tojeffdbrown@gmail.com".    

Thanks Gelie (and Mitra) for providing an awesome resource called "Networking Phoenix" and the Passport program too.    Happy Networking…Jeff


#1 Best Piece of Advice:  "Intentionally spend most of today in the moment, learn from yesterday (aka the Past) and then let it go, plan for tomorrow (the Future) but don't waste time worrying about it, and most importantly spend most of your 86,400 seconds today in the present.  Find your Purpose and Passion and help create good memories for people (business & family), leave a legacy and learn to LIVE one day at a time."                            Jeff D. Brown

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Waypoint Senior Consulting
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Senior Advisor
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Teacher, Trainer, Mentor, Coach
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At Waypoint Senior Consulting we help individuals and families navigate through the rough waters of deciding if and where to place their loved one for the next chapter in their life.  We discuss questions like "Can they safely live at home?"  "Should they still be driving?"  "Can they perform the Activities of Daily Living (ADL's)?"  "Can additional socialization and planned activities give them some well deserved joy and happiness?"  That decision could result in living independantly, in an assisted living or memory care community, a group care home, or other options.  We listen, determine needs, find solutions and visit options so a wiser decision can be made.  And, there is no out of pocket cost to the individual or family since our fee is paid by the community or group home.  

Please contact us to discuss your situation confidentially!   Phone: 602.909.9061 or jeff@waypointsc.com.   

7127 E Sahuaro Dr #203
(602) 909-9061

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