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Jason W Nast

I'm a Entrepreneur, My life experience has taught me many lessons some hard to learn, some fought hard to learn. Many were blessings I have a serious side but I don't like to show it that often. I like to inspire people to live their potential and thrive in a way they have only dreamed of in the past but are ready NOW to live to it's fullest! My past experiences have given me insight to help others along the path. On of the things I'm known for is to help take your Ideas and turn them in to GOLD! You've seen my products on TV and and if you've got the right IDEA you might just see your product on TV next year. I'm always looking for that next TV Product so if you've solved some problem, and want to share it with Millions of people and make some $$$ in the process I'm your guy. Other than that you know about me from my stuff up there ^ now let's get out there and work on fixin' something!

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CrowdFunding, Marketing, Sales Consultant / Trianer
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Product & Services Sales, Marketing, and Branding
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From Rockstars to Rockin' Cars Jason has served his clients to build and market their business and their brand!  Jason's customers, clients & products include Paula Abdul,   Push Up Pro, Coca~Cola, Iron Gym Products, Levi Strauss and so many more!  TV, Print, Billboards, Brochures, Jason has been a student of the Direct Response & Marketing industry since the early 80s

 Jason is a contributor to New York Times # 1 selling book Cracking the Millionaire Code by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen, and was featured in international hit film "Ultimate Success the Movie" in 2010.

Jason is recognized around the world as a top Professional trainer & speaker.   Working with business leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and coaches.  Jason has shared the platform with amazing and talented trainers and speakers such as Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, T. Harv Ecker, Craig Duswalt, Loral Langemeier, and Blair Singer

Jason is a business & idea development specialists focusing on helping you take everyday businesses, products and services to the next level.  He creates millionaires by working with entrepreneurs to define, refine and monetize their businesses.

As a Funding expert Jason has secured Millions of Dollars in funding and now using Crowd-Funding as a major platform he's able to get more money for his clients with out having to give up any ownership or profit… even pre-selling product before its made!

Recently Jason has been the guy behind several publishing, funding and "As Seen On TV" Product successes  he's here to show you how to make your funding dreams happen for you!

Also through his efforts and partnerships he can show authors how to sell millions of books in retail, with out ever setting foot inside a book store… Ask him how!

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(602) 606-7547

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