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Jann Wyler

Experience is the master of teaching. I had my own TV Talk show for 5 years  in the Mesa area.  I loved Teaching Kindergarten in California and Arizona, to now the owner and

Superintendent of our own K - 6th  Public Charter School in Mesa, for the past 27 years.   I have had a lot of experiences from Director of the Miss Utah USA Pageant, Mss Teen Utah, Miss Idaho Teen USA,

and even   created my own Twins Pageants to  having a TV Talk  show for 5 - years Arizona.   I love Networking. I think we are all networkers by sharing, one with another. 

The most important think I like about   Networking is helping others to help  them grow in success.  I love meeting people, and  working with others. I have been at the TOP in all my networking

experiences, written their handbooks and appeared on their training videos, trainer, teacher, and mentor to hundreds of people .  Bitcoin is the new money . I have found Dunamis a co-location company

and have been involved with their TEAM since it began.  Networking Phoenix is the answer and the KEY to growing personally and in your business. 

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Dunamis Global Tech Associate
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Education - Global Management/Cryptocurrency
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My husband and I have for 27 years  owned and directed our K-6th grade public charter school , Back to Basics + Performing Arts.  I also have been in networking for many years. I have been the TOP of the networking groups as a top earner. I am working with DUNAMIS or Dunamis Global Tech, which is a co-location company where you own the mining server and we host and maintain your equipment. Dunamis is not a mining company investment or security. We are not a money exchange and do not sell cloud mining. The Blockchain is a network and the digital ledger, on which Cryptocurrency transactions are recorded and verified publicly. The Blockchain allows for secure and cost effective transactions that are transparent. As a hosting provider, we are able to provide space for owners who want to mine Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Jann Wyler

446 E Broadway Rd

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