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James Garcia

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James Garcia


   I am a 16-year Navy veteran and graduate of the United States Naval Academy.  I currently reside in Scottsdale with my lovely wife and twin daughter and son.  After serving on active duty for over 13 years I decided to transition to reserve status to allow my wife and I to focus on raising our then newborn twins.   We decided to settle in Phoenix and begin to start our new lives in this great area and have never regretted that decision.

   I decided to go into Health Insurance as it was something that would allow me to help others while allowing me the opportunity to be with my family and to work for myself.  Transitioning to self-employment, insurance was one of my biggest concerns and one of the things I knew the least about.  I had been in the military, for all intents and purposes, my entire adult life and never had to worry about figuring out insurance.  That all changed when I went to the reserves.

   Though I eventually figured out I still had great insurance through the reserves, I realized how little I knew about the subject and how there were probably a lot of people like me who did not know enough to make an informed decision on whether they had enough coverage and if switching coverage was possible or even a good idea.  For most people, they probably are trying to figure that out at a time in their lives that is already stressful and chaotic.

   I decided to continue to serve by helping individuals, families and small businesses find health coverage that fits their needs and budgets to protect them from the unexpected events in life and to make sure that they make the right decision for themselves, families and employees. I do so in a way that is easy to understand and is based on them selecting the best option available, not the best option I can offer.

   Ultimately, I want every client to realize that their family is as important to them and that if they need help I am there to support in any way I can.





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Licensed Health Insurance Agent
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Health Insurance Advisor / Field Training Agent
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   I am a 16 year Navy veteran who is dedicated to continuing to serve by helping your individuals, families and small businesses find health coverage that fits their needs and budgets to protect them from the unexpected events in life. 

   I understand the impact of a family member developing an critical / chronic illness or having an accident and am here to help you find coverage to minimize the impact of that type of event on your family and your livelihood.

   Most people don't realize that there are other options or worry about finding something else until they are impacted by a large event whether that be through unemployment, self-employment or a medical crises.

   My goal is to help people before they are put into a situation where they have no choice but to figure it out or it's too late.

  • Can you see the doctors you want, do you have coverage at the hospital down the road? 
  • Do you have coverage if you travel outside of Phoenix let alone the state?
  • Are you paying too much for coverage?  More importantly do you have sufficient coverage?
  • Can you even buy coverage? Should you? Could adding a supplemental coverage help?

   If you or your client can't answer these questions with confidense, or perhaps you do want help with with improving some aspect of your coverage I can help


  The Health Insurance landscape has become increasingly confusing due to changes in federal and state laws as well as selling of unregulated products that are sold as Health Insurance.  I will take the time to work with you or your clients to figure out the best option for them, their families and businesses whether that is the plan they currently have, one I can offer, or something else.


   I look forward to helping .



(480) 548-3210

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