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Helen Jordan

I'm Helen Jordan, founder and owner of Jordan Luxury Travel.

My passion is planning and bringing your dream vacation to life.My love of travel began with a real love story. My mom and dad fell in love when they met and married in France and they instilled the love of travel in our family. We traveled extensively and moved regularly, so much that over half of my primary and secondary education took place in Europe. My sense of "normal" was growing up in a multi-cultural household, with a multi-cultural "nomadic" life, and appreciating different people and places in the world.

It was only natural for me to join the travel industry. The combination of the consulting skills I gained in the field of HR and my passion for travel enable me to really listen to you and design custom journeys tailored to your unique desires, aspirations and requirements.

Name your luxury: adventure, sailing, art, culture, people, wine – I will help you plan a vacation that you can't google! 

Some of my fond memories: The culture of Pura Vida demonstrated by the Costa Rican people was ever present and welcoming. I can still taste the salt water from surfing adventure there. As a wine lover, I loved cycling through Burgundy during harvest season and speaking with the workers in the fields. Hiking in the Azores was more rigorous and beautiful than I imagined. The people on the islands gave me insights to their micro-climates and culture. Cruising to Turkey and Greece was just beautiful and brought to life what I learned in my history classes. A big surprise for me was the beach culture in Tel Aviv! The Feria in Sevilla highlights Andalusian culture, traditional dress, horsemanship and the welcoming nature of its people. 

What will be your next authentic and exclusive travel experience? Let's start planning it!

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