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Gia Heller

In 2005, Gia won the President's Award for Highest Team Contribution & Leadership during her tenure as the National Marketing & Research Director at CB Richard Ellis. Her reputation and performance led to her accepting a critical position with The Staubach Company. Gia was one of 21 finalists chosen out of 1,000,000 applicants for The Apprentice, Season III. Inspired after being selected to such an elite group, Gia made a bold move and relocated to Rocky Point, Mexico with her two daughters, who at the time were 8 and 11 years old. She again performed at the top of her industry, earning the Top Producer title at Century 21 Sun & Sand. Selling over $20 Million dollars worth of property in Mexico, Gia was the top producer at The Sonoran Resorts in 2006 and 2007. As the US economy collapsed and sent shockwaves through the rest of the world, Gia saw her life savings wash away as the real estate market collapsed virtually over night. Three months later, Gia returned to the US with her daughters, humbled and motivated to re-build the comfortable life her daughters had come to know. Over the next two years, once again working in real estate, Gia started to rebuild her life. Struggling to build a new client base using conventional marketing, she poured her energy into research and building her internet marketing skills, with a focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) While learning how to climb to the top of the search engine on Google, Gia had a hunch that proved to be accurate: Social media would soon outpace Google in market reach and influence. As she once again put all of her energy into her work, Gia's visionary mind and strong leadership catalyzed the development of what is now www.TheNationalBusinessExperts.com Initially, Gia created www.ArizonaWomenNetworking.com, a network of women whose Phoenix area businesses spanned across industries. Gia's revolutionary ideas were dismissed by a marketing "guru", who said "Facebook! That is your platform? That is the most unprofessional idea I have ever heard of for marketing your business!

Since then, Gia has put in over 10,000 in Facebook marketing and gone from foodstamps to selling nearly 7 figures.   In addition, she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners with their social media and marketing efforts.  With over 1,000 recommendations, referrals and endorsements, you can trust Gia Heller, CEO of The Social Media Masters & The National Business Experts.

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My Social Empire at The National Business Experts
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CEO & Founder
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Marketing and Advertising
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To empower business owners/entrepreneurs with cutting edge social media marketing strategies that are effective and proven.

Gia Heller has been a pioneer in the Internet Marketing industry since 1995 and has developed a 1-2-3 marketing strategy to promote companies world-wide using Social Media. Unlike typical social media experts who are simply attempting to create industry buzz, she has been using social media to promote companies and build active communities. Her firm is generating revenues by teaching business owners and entrepreneurs how to monetize social media and build brand awareness. Her systematic approach delivers trackable results for her clients through increased website traffic, qualified leads, customers, and seriously increased revenues. Gia went from knocking on doors and cold calling hundreds of potential clients a week to building relationships with potential clients using social media. These relationships have generated revenues for her clients nationwide. When she transformed her approach, she was able to reach millions of potential clients through her extensive network and their friends and now she is sharing her wisdom with the world! Learn how you can get thousands of eyeballs on your business everyday with the best in the business. With proven case studies, measurable results, and increased revenues, social media is a marketing tool you should be using and Gia Heller can make it easy for you to lead the way. Transform how you reach your customers and engage them through social media today! Gia would be a great speaker and/or trainer at your next event! Gia offers do it yourself learning programs as well as custom private coaching to fit your needs and help companies around the world achieve even more success! For more information visit www.MySocialEmpire.com - to connect with Gia directly email Gia@MySocialEmpire.com

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