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George Garcia

Hi I'm a marketing Rep. with the 2% club. and what we do is HELP small business entreprenuers,

professionals, consultants, and sales people Grow and Scale their business so they see massive results!.

The 2% club is a unique one-of-a-kind organization dedicated to the highly motivated ENTREPRENUER/SALES PERSON!

We leverage the MASTERMIND CONCEPT, living and practicing the Wisdom of the Greatest minds and thought leaders

in the areas of business success and personal growth. 


Here are just a few of the leaders we resonate with and whose methodologies we teach!

Business Success-

Grant Cardone - Author of "The 10X Rule" and one of the worlds top sales trainers

Jordan Belfort - Noted sales trainer from "The Wolf of Wall street"

Russel Brunson - founder of "Clickfunnels" and online marketing genius

T Harv Eker - World Class Business Training and Author of "SECRETS OF THE MILLIONAIRE MIND"

Michael Gerber -Founder of E-Myth and business systems expert

Jay Conrad Levinson - Founder of "Guerilla Marketing" and expert at small business marketing

Jay Abreham - expert at direct response marketing

Dan Kennedy - Founder of "Attraction Marketing"

Jeffery Gitomer - Author of "The Sales Bible" and world class sales trainer

John Maxwell - Author of "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership"

Robert Cialdini-Expert at influence and persuasion


Napoleon Hill - Author of "Think and Grow Rich" and Philosophy of Human Acheivement

Dale Carnegie - Author of "How to Win Friends and Influence People"

Zig Ziglar - World class Motivational Influencer

Earl Nightingale - Author of The Strangest Secret"/ Expert at Human Character Development

Jim Rohn - Mindset Expert and Best Selling Success Author

Tony Robbins - Author of "Unlimited Power" and World Class Success Trainer



We blend the brilliance and Wisdom of proven thought leaders with the burning desires of our members, and allow you to

create your breakthroughs with our programs and unique, transformational events near you, or discover the right Product

or Service to drive your Success to the next level! We also offer all members coaching, consulting, and even "done for you services"

so you can focus all of your attention on growing your businesses and income with less stress, no overwhelm, and more TIME & FREEDOM.

find out more about all our services to transform your business and your life!

please go to our website www.the2%clubs.com

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