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Lisa Gold

Hi there!

I'm thrilled that you're here! Truly. But I have an big favor to ask if you are an actor, director, producer, writer, other showbiz industry person, etc.) and want to network/connect with me...

Could you click www.facebook.com/outsidebox and connect with me there? I'll smile like this =D - I promise!

I ask because I'm trying to keep my personal life (friends and family) separate from my professional life. Thanks for understanding.

So now a little about me...

I′m the daughter of a comedian father and a stay at home mom. Somehow I ended up being this loudish, funny, very outgoing singer, dancer, model, actress, waitress…and now a trainer and coach/consultant in the area of show business education for actors. Oh yeah, I still act and model with my most recent gig being for "female Viagra". Yikes!

I moved to New York in 1996 with my sites set on Broadway and somehow made a RIGHT turn into the networking, education and training biz. I've been an owner/partner of Actors Connection for over 11 years and 3 years ago created Act Outside the Box to empower actors who want to build a career, not just get a job.

I have a wide variety of interests with my first love being a passion for animals. I have 3 dogs (small people with fur) named Armani (17 yrs old), his mate Chloe (13 yrs old) and their offspring Lil' Bear (11). My two cats, Daisy and Ashley hate each other but co-habitate anyway...kind of like most marriages I'd imagine which is why I also remain passionately single.

Don't "friend" me here to be my boyfriend because you saw my status...I'm too much of a working girl, building my businesses. And even though as a child my fondest desire was to be up there on that stage, accept my Emmy/Oscar/Tony/Grammy etc., and travel to exotic locations, walk the red carpet and go to fabulous parties, (You, too?), after years as a performer, I realized I loved making an impact on a lot of lives, not just my own. Business is my pleasure now.

I still act in commercials and do print, an occasional cabaret or karaoke night, but I mainly get my kicks now out of leading and teaching business seminars to actors.

Please visit my "Official" page at www.facebook.com/outsidebox

Thanks, Lisa

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Act Outside the Box, Raised Vibration, World Ventures
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Business coach for actors, online marketing, branding of persona

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