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Kal Jurdi

Kal Jurdi has made a career out of understanding the fundamental human needs that have people work well together. With more than 10 years experiencing in diverse fields, Kal has acquired a unique perspective on the dynamics of high performance teams. As a Transformational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Published Author and a Life Coach, Kal has caused hundreds of professionals including business owners; athletes, entertainers, and entrepreneurs to accomplish quantum leap results in business, relationships, and overall quality of life. He has also helped many companies achieve their goals by reliably delivering that which makes a real difference in what these companies are dealing with and what they really want. His unique approach of ruthless compassion is very effective at shedding light on people's blind spots that hinder their success as well their organization. During the last 10 years of personal and professional development training, Kal has learned hands on experience. As a businessman and entrepreneur he has owned and partnered in many successful business enterprises. Kal an engineering graduate from Arizona State University is an expert on bridging communication gaps between the technical detail oriented communicators and the business casual big picture communicators. Kal also understands how contentious personalities can hinder individual and team performance. His ability to transform this gives people the leverage to communicate powerfully with others with freedom and ease. People experience major breakthroughs in their career performance through developing powerful communication and leadership skills. Kal is the founder of Fearless Transformation a successful speaking, training, and coaching practice working with small business owners, multi-level companies, and individuals. Kal leads intensive three day boot-camps helping men unleash their warrior within. As a Certified NLP trainer, by the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and a Master Graduate from Landmark Education, Kal has trained with some of the best people in the world, including Dr David Bercelli and Tony Robbins. Kal travels North America and Canada leading professional corporate trainings for National Seminars Training and other professional development companies. Fully bi-cultural as a Lebanese and American citizen, he does training and coaching in English or Arabic and knows the particular needs of both cultures. An invited speaker and presenter at the Ministry of Education Lebanon since 2012, Kal speaks on learning difficulties for children. He also leads communication and leadership seminars at Universities and businesses' in Beirut and Dubai. He has been on multiple radio live broadcasts including Radio Monte Carlo in Paris and television interviews, including MTV. He is the author of the book "Social Seduction" and working on his second publication. Kal can lead your team towards excellence. He transforms the good to the extraordinary!

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Fearless Transformation
Professional Training & Coaching
Keynote Speaking/ Executive Coaching / Corporate Training
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An energizing opening to an event or a closing talk that inspires discussion afterwards, finding the right keynote speaker is important. Speaker, Event Speaker and Keynote Speaker, Kal Jurdi can deliver the kind of talks that engage the audience to spark change influence behavior, provide valuable information in a way that your participants will take with them afterwards. He is an innovative presenter with a personality that will enliven any room. Your audience will be entertained and find enjoyment in any of his topics for event presentations.

Kal will take you into the next sphere of performance. He’s an experienced leader and coach in everything from negotiations training to personal growth; the changes you experience will positively affect every aspect of your life.
What you receive is nothing less than personal overall transformation.
Executive training and coaching
One on One Success Coaching
As a high level executive, professional athlete, or a performer you are busy focusing on honing your craft. As a result other areas of your life might be suffering. This will effect the very area that you are sacrificing everything else for. The secret for success is BALANCE. In this coaching program you will get ongoing, frequent communications with Kal, implementing the proven performance strategies developed by the best in the world. You and Kal will be together on the telephone once a week, in 50-minute one-on-one coaching sessions specifically tailored to your laser focused needs and outcomes.Whether, it is dating and relationships, career, money, health and fitness, spirituality, and family, it is crucial to keep the wheel of life balanced to have fulfilling life.
Mastermind Strategy Sessions
You and your executives know your business inside out and are not looking for outsiders to lecture you on how to operate your business? These sessions are designed to facilitate the process of discovering solutions for yourselves; as high level executives see your predominant problems at your organization. You have all the resources you need to solve any problem you have. Its matter of reorganizing your team’s resources in such a way that are aligned with your organization’s mission and vision. Kal can help you do just that. No lecturing. Simply group facilitating sessions, team building exercises, and problem solving games to discover hidden blind spots in your team’s performance. Then create a solid game plan with unified efforts to deliver on your organization’s purpose.

Kal has an unshakable belief in his own capabilities and possesses skills that translate into enthusiasm the audience can feel. They will be engaged and ready to take on new challenges as he presents the seminar.
Hire him to lead your teams in developing the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in your organization. He delivers both technical and non-technical information in a way that is lively and memorable. Always up on the latest training techniques, sales programs and theories in adult learning, Kal will be an exceptional addition to your next series of seminars.

Visit Kal Jurdi website at www.kaljurdi.com
Fearless Transformation website: http://www.fearlesstransformation.com/

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