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Whether Molly Wendell’s imparting her “rule-breaking” networking advice with a news outlet or in a presentation to job seekers, or sharing her business and marketing insight with a group of executives, audiences benefit.

Molly has quickly emerged as one of the leading experts on how to effectively network for a job — especially since the publication of her book: “The New Job Search: Break all the rules. Get connected. And get hired faster for the money you’re worth.” As President of Executives Network (a job networking and support group for executives in the job search now known as "Executives On Board"), she’s helped thousands find upper-management positions using her proven networking methods.

After just 4½ years, Molly built Executives Network into the largest executive networking group in Arizona. In 2008/09 the organization quickly expanded to include thousands of members in 10 cities nationwide. By late 2009, Executives Network merged with Denver-based CXO, a networking group for executives employed at companies of more than $50 million. Executives Network then became the parent company to three subsidiaries — CXO, EXO and Career OnTrak. For more details, read the history of the company.

Molly’s networking techniques work, and she’s proven it herself.

Molly spent 15 years in sales, marketing and business development in the high tech industry — which included 10 years at IBM Corporation. After her last position as Vice President of Marketing for a technology consulting firm, she found herself looking for a job via the traditional method of sitting in front of her computer and sending off resumes. After 21 months and only one serious job offer (for a position she wasn’t interested in), Molly realized there had to be a more effective way to find a job. That way was to simply get out, meet people and have interesting conversations.

She quickly fine-tuned her job-networking strategies — and the results were astounding. In just 90 days she was able to secure 60 meetings with key decision makers at companies, resulting in more than 30 job offers for positions never posted. By using her refined networking techniques, Molly was successful at landing the job she wanted in a field she had no previous experience or connections.

It was through this process that Molly developed a network numbering in the thousands and learned first-hand the winning strategies in the game of networking — strategies she now regularly shares in interviews with news outlets and with executives nationwide.

In addition to being an expert on networking strategies, she also regularly speaks on the topics of business strategy, marketing strategy, high-performing teams and business development at seminars, industry/association conferences, company kickoffs and general sales meetings.

She has received many awards over the years, including making the 2005 Phoenix Forty Under 40 list and being named the 2004 Panhellenic Woman of the Year. Molly holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from San Diego State University and an MBA from University of California-Irvine.

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Executives Network is the only national peer-networking resource exclusively for executives (director, VP and C-level) in the job market today. The company was formed in Phoenix in 2002 as Arizona Executives and has quickly grown to thousands of members in locations nationwide. Through monthly networking meetings, industry specific teleconferences and exclusive access to a proprietary database of professionals nationwide, Executives Network President Molly Wendell and her organization have helped thousands of executives land new positions. For more information, visit www.executivesnetwork.com.

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