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Elissa Shuck



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Elissa Shuck

I'm a Life Coach. I've been involved in a number of business models and worked with a wide variety of leaders, teams, and individuals. I love people and I'm not ruffled by surprises and challenges ... I thrive on them. All of this enables me to help others see beyond fear, confusion, and doubt to the gifts and strengths they naturally possess. I help people recognize and "own" their strengths so they can apply them to their daily life.

If you find yourself struggling in any area of your life. I know I can help you.

Contact me at elissa@es-strategic.com 

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Life Coach
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Life Coach
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I help people discover, articulate and apply their natural workplace strengths.

Imagine never feeling desperate again because you know your positive behavioral traits and how they apply to the job you want or the job you have. 

What if you were confident enough to ask for the job you want because you know your strengths are most likely to succeed in that role?​

This isn't self-help, positive affirmations or the Law of Attraction (though all of those can help). This is a proven tool, developed by psychologists. 

Together, we'll uncover your natural workplace behavioral strengths in a practical, actionable way.  

You have strengths that provide clues to how you can succeed and even lead in the workplace.  

When you know the strengths you already possess your self-esteem increases and you can be bold and experience a deeper level of satisfaction.  

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