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Ellen Flanary

I am a retired U.S. Marine (20 years), and have lived and traveled all over the world. Worked as a Pavilion Director for 55k square foot conference and meeting venue and senior center for 2 years then attended and graduated Colorado Mesa University with a BAA in Business Management. Worked in Hospitality Industry In Shared Services. I provided support to hotels, customers and members through several specialty desk programs focused on disaster relief, rate programs, large corporate accounts, fraud management and a points-based loyalty program. I live in Phoenix and am pursuing my next career move into analytics and project management. I am passionate about change, finding and solving potential problems, and success of the team. 


Area Director, Toastmasters D3

Jr. Vice Commander, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 7507

National President, VALOR (Veterans Are Loyal Organizational Resources), Choice Hotels International

Coordinating Officer, Toys for Tots (2006-2012)


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Toastmasters International
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Area Director, State Conference Chair
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Public Relations and Communications
Project Manager / Marketing Manager
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Platinum Toastmasters meets at 4:45 – 5:45 PM every Tuesday; generally in the Phoenix room – AESC-P/14123. The AESC-P building is in the American Express campus at I-17 (really 31st Avenue) and Loop 101 in. This is the north most set of buildings in the American Express campus on 31st Avenue just south of loop 101. The address is 20022 N 31st Avenue, Phoenix, AZ, 85027.

·         Generally, it is best to arrive 15 – 20 minutes earlier than the start time (~4:25 PM) to get through the security process as well as obtain an introduction to Platinum Toastmasters and answer any questions that you might have about our meeting or Toastmasters. I will, as your Vice President of Membership, get you situated so that you have a great experience at our club and find out about Platinum Toastmasters and its cost.


Here's some general information on Platinum Toastmasters for comparison with other clubs


Platinum Toastmasters is a small club that provides a structured, yet informal and fun environment that strives to enable each of its members to achieve their personal growth objectives. Toastmasters has a fairly structured program that I think helps many people meet their leadership and speaking goals. We can talk more about it during or after your visit.


After just a short while in Platinum Toastmasters I feel that I am able to better think on my feet and will continue to benefit from the meeting. I also continue to meet new and diverse people (like you) from many different organizations, industries and professions in our Toastmasters club.


While we all join for different reasons, for me, there were two reasons that stood out …. 1) Impromptu speaking and 2) building new relationships. Here are some reasons that I think Platinum Toastmasters stands out:


·         Each Toastmasters club has a unique personality. In my opinion, Platinum Toastmasters offers some very special features and qualities.

v  We are a Select Distinguished Toastmaster club c A measure of the strength of a Toastmaster club

v  We have 3 Area Directors and have had Arizona level Toastmaster leadership attend our meeting multiple times. 

v  We have two members in our club that have won the top two Toastmaster honors for the State of Arizona. I think that we are the only club that can boast that!!

·         Platinum Toastmasters is smaller which means more opportunity to participate in the meeting roles and as a speaker.

·         Small groups also make speaking easier - almost like talking to a very supportive group of friends.

·         Our mentor program in PlatinumToastmasters provides fellow Toastmasters help in smoothing the path to your growth in Toastmasters.

·         Our club is well organized, the meetings are productive, and we encourage a focused approach to all the members at their various levels of skills.


We meet in the cafeteria (for a different meeting feel than a closed conference room) on the first Tuesday of every month and in the Phoenix room (14123 … 4th Floor, SE corner of Building 1) for all other Tuesdays from 4:45 – 5:45 PM every Tuesday.


20022 North 31st Avenue

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