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Elizabeth Singleton

My focus has been geared to helping others and believing in the value of giving. I work in a field that is challenging, demanding, hardships and most of all rewarding. When I see the lives of others being change because someone gave them a chance or because you believed in them, that makes my work seem so much more worthwhile. I am political, politics are one of my favorite topic and I love staying inform with the changes in the world. For the short life I have live so far I feel that I am truly blessed. I could be homeless and lost in life, but yet God has put me on a path that helps others dealing with that very situation. Over the last 10 years I have been working within the mental health community. I have a vision that there can be great growth and achievements made to develop treatment programs that will work within the community and that can be affordable to the everyday individual seeking treatment, services and housing. I am looking to meet individuals that are raising in their fields, who are willing to think outside the box come up with new concepts the will engage and demand change. I would like to see a community banding together to created eco friendly housing and community gardens. Activities that will promote gathering of like minded individuals to network programs together that will help individuals and families within the behavioral health and disabled communities. If you have a idea that will help this community become eco friendly, easy access to family and friends ( telephone , internet, mail ), save on energy ( solar power, saver energy ) become and remain healthy ( affordable insurance plans, a network of healthcare individual welling to work payment plans , free services ) Investments and jobs contact me. Life is full with so much beauty that time wasted is plans never gain. I want to meet people who inspire change, who believe in a greater and better tomorrow, who are successful in their own field. Individuals who want to network, have manifold discussion on many diverse topics.

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Singleton Community Services ( Build Us H.O.P.E.)
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Mental Health Care
Mental Health & Housing
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Build us H.O.P.E. is the outreach and construction development arm for Singleton Community Services providing long and short term supportive housing. The Build us H.O.P.E. housing model will provide an innovative mix of affordable housing options for residents with features such as:

o Low cost, with options for ownership of the home

o Community gardens, farming (in some locations)

o Meditation areas

o Walking trails

o Centralization for ease of communications, referrals and access to services such as job training; life skills classes; counseling

o Sustainability – solar, aquaponics, and leave a "green" footprint.


Once clients have a home to live in they will be provided workshops and training centers, allowing collaborative programs within the community. These programs are designed to create a sense of

"Community" and reduce the epidemic of loneliness and isolation these individuals often feel.


The communities are being planned for locations throughout Arizona and will be built with the holistic approach to creating the right environment for integrated neighborhoods. Singleton Community

Services is utilizing the "micro-home" standard (typically 120 – 480 square foot) in the communities. This model could reduce the per-unit cost by more than 50%, thereby expanding the resources to house more individuals.


The communities will allow the residents to take the smaller steps to re-acclimate to a more modern and busy life. For some, the life in this community will become their permanent home, where they can purchase a home and then live, work and lead productive lives within the area.

PO BOX 26028

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