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Elena Thornton

Elena has more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the education, business and the non profit sector. She has taught Russian language to all grade levels from Elementary School to College. She held positions as a Director of an after school program and also a Director of Training for a Phoenix based company. Elena's formal education is in the Secondary Education, she holds both a B. A. and M.A. degrees from the University at Albany, NY. Currently, Elena is an adjunct faculty at Paradise Valley Community College. Elena's education and career experience combined with real-life experience makes her the successful organizational leader she is today. Currently, together with the Arizona Consortium for the Arts Officers and Coordinators/Volunteers, she is spearheading the efforts in developing relationships through networking and partnering with local non-profit organizations that will bridge resources and forge collaborations with individuals, public, private and government organizations and agencies, educational institutions, business community to reach their goals, objectives and ultimately build and sustain a multi-cultural arts and performing arts center facility. Working closely with all the entities, she is confident they will have the resources, skills and knowledge that will enable them to continue on their path to success, grow and leave a legacy for the next generation.


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Arizona Consortium for the Arts
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Founder & CEO
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Non-Profit Organization Management
Charitable Organizations, Arts and Culture
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Arizona Consortium for the Arts is a 501c3 nonprofit tax exempt organization. Arizona Consortium for the Arts has been established to assist and to be of service to Arizona artists. We are dedicated to fostering and supporting the arts and artists, including the literary arts (any genres — writers, poets, playwrights), the visual arts (any form — painters, sculptors, muralists) and the performing arts (music, plays, performance art). Currently, the consortium provides support for Arizona artists as well as fostering free access to the arts for the general public by providing information, hosting cultural, performing arts and arts events and networking through our Web site. Since 2007, the Arizona Consortium for the Arts has carved out a distinctive role among the region's thriving arts and cultural institutions as a unique organization. The Consortium also partners with other organizations and provides children and adults a wide range of programs with hands-on, up-close encounters with their own creativity and previously untapped talents. And that's just for starters. One of the best known and most prominent projects is the highly acclaimed The Blue Guitar Magazine, noted for both its quality and its range. The Blue Guitar is a literary and arts journal/magazine. It features Arizona emerging and established writers and artists. The Blue Guitar has drawn statewide submissions and is currently published online. The magazine has thousands of readers in Arizona, throughout the country and abroad. We also publish The Blue Guitar Jr. Edition, which features works by children and works by adults who write for children. Another popular programming is the Consortium's annual Blue Guitar Festival of the Arts. The Festival features our local musicians, dancers, singers and readers from The Blue Guitar Magazine. The audience is treated to a varied program that runs the gamut from theatre and dance to music of all genres and spoken and written word presentations. In addition to promoting a wide range of programs in the visual, literary and performing arts, The Arizona Consortium for the Arts maintains a varied and growing portfolio of weekly programs, projects and services for artists, audiences, and collaborating organizations. In our three-year history, the Consortium has supported visionary, adventurous and thought-provoking artists spanning all disciplines. During our Annual Blue Guitar Festival of the Arts held in the spring, the public celebrates our artists through presentations, exhibitions, readings and performances at a local venue. Some of the performances feature local arts and cultural groups that collaborate with our Consortium. We provide opportunities to educate and involve schools, children and adults in expanding their artistic knowledge and horizons; as well as to, increase Arizona's reputation nationwide as a cultural destination. We are educators, artists, performers, writers and supporters of all artistic endeavors. We are proponents and supporters of the rich, vibrant and diverse community of the Greater Phoenix area. The Arizona Consortium's vision is to create a multicultural arts center, where children, teens and adults will become inspired, to develop their creative abilities, in conjunction with exhibiting artists, writers, actors, dancers and musicians who will share their expertise in a gallery, theater setting. Moreover, a cafe will be part of the center for discussions, evaluations and exhibitions. Our mission and goals are including but not limited to: Enhance and enrich participation in the arts for everyone. Increase awareness of the Arts and Arts Education. Provide opportunities for participation and appreciation of the Arts and Cultures for all individuals, groups, communities and organizations. Encourage and provide opportunities for traditional, experimental, inventive and innovative arts and performing arts. Act as a conduit and facilitator between the arts community and the community at large. Provide guidance, expertise and help connect valley schools private/public, community organizations, businesses and the entertainment industry to valley artists, art organizations and performing arts groups. Support and respect those individuals, groups and organizations who strongly believe in developing and preserving the arts. To recognize and acknowledge that the Phoenix's diverse population goes beyond its rich and cultural traditions. To include and support the arts for all ages, gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Support those who will implement individualistic, artistic and cultural activities. Special acknowledgement will be given to schools and organizations that will introduce and utilize the concepts of globalization and diversity in our ever changing world community. We need energetic and enthusiastic people to provide their expertise in all aspects of forming and sustaining a successful non - profit organization. We need people who are passionate about the arts and who are visionaries. We need innovative, creative, open minded and caring people who understand the need to support and help individual artists, schools and community organizations. We invite you to join us in our mission. We are confident your enthusiasm, passion, vision, and creativity will help us to succeed in leaving a legacy for this generation and future Arizona generations. We look forward to receiving your help and advice that you can offer. contact info: info@artizona.org phone: 602-263-5373 Volunteers Needed We always welcome help from folks who are passionate about our mission and vision. For further information, questions or comments, please email Elena at info@artizona.org or call 602-263-5373 and tell us how we can use your talents. Let us know how many hours you can volunteer as well.

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