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Peter J. Burns, III

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Peter J. Burns, III

Peter Burns is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in the establishment and operation of niche market multi-location businesses. He is an innovative business man who creates many new concepts from the ground up, such as the first integrated media-rich commercial e-mail marketing business, the "Insert-A-Zine" niche-publishing concept and the first accredited College of Entrepreneurship at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. In recent years, Burns founded Club Entrepreneur, Club E Office, Club E Exchange and most recently, Club E Ventures. Club Entrepreneur is an association of entrepreneurs, which started with Burns' initial 19 students from Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University. It has grown to over 10,000 nationwide, 7,000 in Arizona alone and is the largest network of entrepreneurs in the country. Club E Office is a co-working office environment that encourages entrepreneurs to collaborate, share and grow. Through Club E Office, Burns offers entrepreneurs access to educational opportunities and resources through professional consultations, workshops, seminars and other events. Club E Exchange is a barter network that enables business owners to better manage their inventory and capacity while developing new business through non-cash revenue exchange of products or services. While most barter companies charge initiation fees of $300-$600, Club E members join Club E Exchange at no cost with no monthly membership fees for the first six months. Club E Ventures is the joint venture component of Club Entrepreneur. Club E ventures structures formal joint venture (JV) opportunities that are deemed appropriate, financially viable, and aligned with Club E mission, vision and values. Because so many opportunities are presented to Club Entrepreneur regularly, Club E established an intentional, systematic process to analyze, approve, establish and operationalize JVs. Burns is also a dean at Andrew Jackson University, a fully accredited online institution, and Chancellor of the College of Entrepreneurship at Southern States University. Early in his career, Burns established the first U.S. motorized bicycle (moped) rental and proceeded to expand the initial operations on Nantucket and Sanibel Island, creating the largest recreational rental operation in the world. He was also a founding member of Young Entrepreneurs Organization (YEO). Along with the long list of his accomplishments, Burns has also been featured in scores of publications, radio interviews and television shows including The Arizona Republic, CNN, FOX News, FOX Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, Nations Business, The Phoenix Business Journal, The State Press, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. Accolades and Honors: • Phoenix Business Journal "Top 50 Power Brokers" • Arizona FBLA Business Person of the Year • "Power Players of Phoenix" – Phoenix Business Journal Honoree • "Top 100 U.S. Entrepreneurs Under 3o"- Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs (3 years) • Youngest Participant in History (29)- Harvard Business School's Owners and Presidents Management Program • Finalist Chivas Regal's "Entrepreneur of the Year" • Nominated Arthur Young's "Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year" Burns in the Press: Articles: Southern States University adds College of Entrepreneurship; appoints serial entrepreneur Peter J. Burns, III as Chancellor YoungMoney: The New Entrepreneur Factory Business Journal: Peter Burns opens new entrepreneurial program in San Diego Entrepreneur network goes national, changes leadership Nations Business: Putt-putting down the road to riches – Peter Burns CNN: A B.S. in entrepreneurship is anything but Inc.com: Undergraduate Entrepreneurship College opens in Phoenix Blogs: Peter Burns on Blogger The Peter Burns Entrepreneurial Phenomenon Videos: Peter Burns Speaks on the Fox Business Channel Stand Up Now Workshop featured on 3 TV Phoenix www.essentialet.com/SBDC/Peter/index.htm www.youtube.com/watch?v=D31NAcBgmrl   Burns in the Press: Club Entrepreneur: Focus on values helps entrepreneurs soar (11/12/06) Club Entrepreneur geared to be inclusive, supportive (11/26/06) New club to bring together like-minded entrepreneurs (2/11/07) Entrepreneurs Help Each Other (12/18/08) Club Entrepreneur (no date) Peter J. Burns, III Serial Entrepreneur: A wealthy University dropout (7/3/85) Putt-putting down the road to riches – Peter Burns (7/1985) Bicycles and Nantucket (Spring 1992) Mopeds propel entrepreneur's business career (7/6/06) Peter Burns opens new entrepreneurial program in San Diego (7/11/08) Down economy still offers options for entrepreneurs (8/27/08) Can Entrepreneurs Rescue the U.S. Economy? (10/2/08) Club E Chapter forms in Goodyear: Entrepreneurs have a new home (11/7/08) Young and in Charge (12/2/08) How Peter Burns Inspires Entrepreneurs All Over the World (1/25/11) Great Entrepreneurs – Peter Burns (no date) Interview with: Peter J. Burns, III (no date) Peter J. Burns, III Spearheading Education in Entrepreneurship: Letter from Mark Jacobs, Dean of Barrett Honors College (1/12/06) Grand Canyon University creating college for entrepreneurs (5/21/06) Grand Canyon offers classes on enterprise (7/6/06) Programs teach entrepreneurism (7/9/06) Entrepreneurial bug bites more college students (7/10/06) University launches $1M entrepreneur fund (7/20/06) Both entrepreneurial, managerial styles bring success (9/14/06) A B.S. in entrepreneurship is anything but (11/15/06) Gen Y makes a mark and their imprint is entrepreneurship (12/8/06) New ASU class teaching students how to create their own business (12/19/06) Entrepreneurship college opens in Phoenix (1/29/07) Entrepreneurship Education Taking Many Different Forms (1/30/07) Institute for Entrepreneurship Engages Investment Banker to Raise $250 Million in Grants for Student- Initiated Businesses (3/14/07) In School And Need Startup Funds? How Is $250 Million? (3/23/07) Arizona schools offer entrepreneurship programs (4/8/07) Going Glam: Learn what it really takes to start a glamorous business in college (12/2007) Peter Burns opens new entrepreneurial program in San Diego (7/11/08) Peter Burns and the Institute for Entrepreneurship (no date) Peter J. Burns, III Co-working Space Creator: The New Entrepreneur Factory (10/1/06) Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference (10/17/06) Entrepreneurs conference to emphasize networking (11/2/06) College Student Becomes an eBay Top Seller (3/15/07) StartupNation Announces New Blog on Starting a Successful eBay(R) Business (3/21/07) Institute for Entrepreneurship To Join DECA's National Advisory Board (4/19/07) My View: Entrepreneurship Conference offered many gems (11/18/07) New chef to spice up Sheraton Downtown (7/27/08) Club E Network launching companies (8/25/08) Open House at Club E Headquarters! (9/14/08) eFactory, Green Street Plan Office Incubators (9/16/08) Six eFactory sites to be housed in retail spaces (9/16/08) Entrepreneurs have a new home (11/7/08) sMCbiz, Club E Reach Landmark Partnership (no date) Peter J. Burns, III Awards and Recognition: Jump-starting the state's economy (5/28/06) The faces of entrepreneurs: Young, old alike share spirit (2/25/07) Valley's entrepreneurial scene can offer a bright future, with support (2/25/07) Higher education leaders shining light on Arizona (3/4/07) Arizona Chapter of the FBLA Names Peter J. Burns III as Its Businessman of the Year (6/19/07)

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