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Eddie Borio

Edward Borio – Founder (www.BlockBuyer.com) Prior to founding some of the great companies below, Mr. Borio was a Rocket Scientist at the Boeing Company where he worked on the Delta IV Rocket, Space Station, and Delta III Rockets. He graduated with highest honor and holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University. Mr. Borio is Founder of www.BlockBuyer.com, a real estate crowdfunding platform for any investors wanting to invest in Fix & Flip or Fix & Rent houses. Most other companies only allow the top 7% of the wealthy in the USA to invest with others in deals. BlockBuyer turns everything upside down to allow anyone to invest, get paid FIRST before the expert flipper does, does NOT include management fees, offers transparency throughout the project, and builds in features to protect investors. Prior to founding BlockBuyer, Mr. Borio was President & Founder of www.BidDay.com, an online residential auction platform since 2006 with customers including Fannie Mae, Bank Of America, Hudson & Marshall, Williams and Williams Auction, Auction.com, Investor groups, bulk portfolio companies and individual investors across the nation. Fannie Mae honored BidDay with a status of the Fastest and User Friendly Technology Provider in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. Prior to BidDay, Mr. Borio was the owner of a Modular home company, building as many as 4 homes a month, and holding up to 109 homes simultaneously as a rental portfolio of modular and stick built houses.

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Real Estate
Software Architect
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BlockBuyer is the only residential property crowdfunding platform that conforms to the SEC's guidelines for allowing NON-Accredited Investors. Most other crowdfunding companies on the web only allow Accredited investors and use old school traditional subscription agreements.

BlockBuyer helps professional flippers scale their business, while legally allowing them to promote to anyone to fund their projects, while eliminating the headaches and distractions with managing investors.

Former Founder & President of a real estate Auction Technology Company called BidDay.com. We served the government, Fannie Mae, Bank Of America, Genesis Acquisitions, Genesis Auctions, Hudson and Marshall, regional banks, brokers, agents, hedge funds, home flippers, investment groups, and ballroom auction companies.

Former Rocket Scientist at The Boeing Company, Published Author, Faculty at Trump University, with extensive expertise in residential investments, and former co-owner of a modular home company building homes monthly in which we built, owned, and rented.

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