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DJ Choi

I love building relationships and taking the time to learn more about different businesses and how their internal operations work. With over 7 years experience in talking with small and medium sized business owners everyday, I have a passion to help them with finding solutions that give in depth insights on how they can effectively and efficiently execute strategies to grow.

For SMBs, cash flow is very critical. Failure to correctly manage your cash flow is why 82% of small businesses fail, according to US Bank. If you manage your cash flow correctly, you significantly decrease the chances of your business failing. 

To learn how your business can affordably streamline your bookkeeping, plus provide your business with real-time data, business insights on demand, and much more; please send me a message at djchoi@scalefactor.com or give me a call at 602-476-1407

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Account Executive
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Financial Services
Sales & Business Development
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ScaleFactor is the smart finance software that is changing the way modern businesses operate. By automating complex bookkeeping tasks and translating financial information into usable business insights, we are enabling business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs to focus on what they love: running and growing their business! 

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