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If you are looking for an affordable high quality shed builder in Arizona, let the experts at Discount Sheds, LLC do for you what they have done for Arizona residents for over 35 years.


Discount Sheds has been in business since 1993, in the Eastern Valley of Arizona. We have built thousands of sheds for homeowners and businesses throughout the East Valley and throughout Arizona.


A family owned and operated business, Angie and Dean are the husband and wife team behind the sheds. Dean started with Discount Sheds as a builder, and helped the company earn its stellar reputation for amazing custom sheds, at a fraction of the price of many other shed suppliers. He did so well, when the previous owner retired in 2000, he sold the business to Dean.


Over the years, Angie and Dean have built many different types of sheds, and are continuously working on new products. Some of our popular sheds include:


Low Profile HOA Friendly Sheds - built short, to work with any HOA policy, these sheds can be made any dimensions, and can be


Contact Discount Sheds today for a free quote or for answers to any of your shed questions.


Discount Sheds

10430 E Apache Trail

Apache Junction, AZ 85120


Phone: 480-984-6560


Business email: info@discountshedsllc.com


Website: https://www.discountshedsllc.com/


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