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David Glick

I was born and raised in New Jersey, near Dover and Morristown. While attending high school in 1974, I had my first experience with a computer. It was a Digital PDP 8E and shared 12 Kilobytes of memory with the 3 AP style teletypes attached to it. I learned how to program in BASIC and found my calling in life. However, I was sidetracked for several years, 23 to be exact, in the pizza business (since no one had really heard of computers anyway, much less personal computers!).


I am married and have four great kids, two boys born in 1989 and 1990, and two girls born in 1993 and 1997. My wife has been involved helping Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors with their CAD work since 2006. We own a house together in a small town north of Phoenix, AZ.


I learned a lot about business during my time in pizza and learned what good customer service is and how to take good care of customers so they come back again and again. Starting in 1997, I also dabbled in the computer business during the time I had the pizza business. I was in the TV repair business with a friend (I did a few side businesses over the years too!) and someone called and asked if we repaired computers. I said no we don't, but stated I could help him if he really needed it since even then I was pretty knowledgeable about computers, and my friend said "Go for it!" That was my start repairing computers professionally. Since then I have helped many people with their computer issues along with learning many aspects of the computer industry.


After a stint with a local cable company to wait out the recession from 2007 until April of this year, I decided it was time to get back into the computer repair business full time again. During the time I was with the cable company, I went back to school and earned my Associates Degree in IT with highest honors and am again attending school to earn my Bachelor's Degree in IT. I culminated all of my learning in the computer repair business and pizza business over the 2.5 years with the cable company and set out with a plan to make the business work, which is currently working out quite well.


Besides helping people in homes and small businesses with their computer issues, I recently learned how to perform Search Engine Optimization, which essentially is optimizing web sites so they come up in the top pages when prospective or current customers perform searches for the keywords that could be associated with that business. I optimized my site and I have received many calls (and business!) from prospective customers due to this marketing technique. I plan on continuing this effort and marketing my new techniques to small businesses that may benefit from this type of marketing.

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G6 Web Services
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Owner & Chief Consultant
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Internet Marketing
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We help your business get more business (guaranteed results):

  • Digital Marketing
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  • Website and Email Hosting
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