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Dawn Hershey

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Dawn Hershey

I was a flight attendant for 13 years, quit to stay home with my 3 boys, and developed a home based business. I enjoy the power of play in my personal or professional life or not taking ones self too seriously. Play encourages creativity, creativity encourages thinking outside of the box, thinking outside of the box brings life to a whole new level in all aspects of living. My passion is sharing, teaching, learning, and growing. I look forward to meeting new people, making great connections, and helping them grow their businesses when I can.

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Health, Wellness and Fitness
catalog company, Health and Wellness
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We have teamed up with an international Fortune 500 company that manufacturers safe, healthy, non-toxic alternatives to products consumers use every day.

The products are super concentrated so the cost per use is lower than the national leading brands and you are using a product that is safe for your home, family, and the environment.

Customers purchase products directly from the manufacturer online or by phone and the products are delivered directly to your door.  This saves people time from having to go out and shop for the same items at big box stores, and saves money by shopping directly with the manufacturer which cuts out the middle man.

We do not stock, sell, or deliver products.  We do not pressure customers, there's no complicated paperwork, no collecting money and no taking orders.

We share the fact that consumers can get quality, non-toxic alternatives to products they are using every day at comparable prices.  We share the benefits of using healthier alternatives, and we set up personal, business, and non profit accounts for consumers to shop with the manufacturer.

We are enhancing lives and building futures.

(480) 353-0088

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