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David Franks

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David Franks

My passion for the financial services industry is fueled by the stories of my family's interactions
with the professionals who have helped provide the legacy that my family lives today. One story that
first inspired me to enter this industry is the one of my father who was working full time through
college, and why he bought his first life insurance policy. He told me that he did not want to be a burden on his family if something happened to him while he was in college, because his parents didn't have the money to bury him if something happened while away from home. He was nineteen when he bought his first life insurance policy. This family story instilled in me the belief that a man will be judged not by the planning while he was alive, but after the occurrence of a life event. My father always spoke highly of the agent who helped him with the first policy he was sold. I developed that desire to be a catalyst in someone's life whether I am publicly recognized or if silently I know that I have helped a family avoid financial destitution.

I like to work with business owners because of the multiplier effect they have on the economy,
and society. Their entrepreneurial spirit, and drive impacts more than just one family. I enjoy being that catalyst who helps them with legacy and business succession planning to help their individual family, and all of the families of their employees.

In my spare time, I enjoy trying to improve my golf game, spend time with my family, and find ways to celebrate our three wedding anniversaries each year. Yes, you read correctly: I have three wedding anniversaries each year!

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Lincoln Financial Advisors
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Financial Planner
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