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David Malton

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David Malton

Founder of the Maricopa County Chamber of Commerce and County Chambers of Arizona.  Moved to Arizona from California in 2009. Started a Web Design, Hosting and Internet Marketing Company that has grown and does very well. When I see a need I do what it takes to fill it.  I believe if your honest that you serve others with the gifts and abilities God gives you, you will have a successful life in all that you do, that hardships will pass fast and you will learn from them in order to help others that may go threw the same trials.

God Bless Your Business.

Dave Malton

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Maricopa County Chamber of Commerce
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Founder & CEO
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Marketing and Advertising
Business Marketing and Relationship Building
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The Maricopa County Chamber of Commerce! 

We are bringing back Chamber affordability and Chamber credibility and consumer confidence!  Every business across Maricopa County deserves an affordable way to bring trust to their business!  In the past business owners would go out and join their local chamber of commerce or the Better Business Bureau, but now theses services have raised their prices so much most businesses can no longer afford it!

Credibility and Trust can make or break any business.  In today's internet business world business owners have it hard enough trying to get their happy satisfied customers to take a few minutes out of their day to leave a positive review or good feedback.  What happens more often now is that your competitors will purposely and unethically leave your business negative reviews and feed back in an attempt to try and steal business away from everyone in their industry!  We are putting a stop to this in several ways.  First residents understand that our members have agreed to an ethical code of conduct, 2nd for the business, we have set up a Business Directory model that only resident members of our chamber can rate your services and products.  We want our business members and our resident members to know that the reviews and ratings left for our business members are real and ones they can trust!

Our chamber is featured packed, search engine optimized and affordable.  We hope you will consider becoming a Business or Resident member of the Maricopa County Chamber of Commerce.

14001 North 7th Street

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