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Dana Young

Dana Young, Detective is the founder and managing partner for the Discovery Groups, LLC and is an industry leader in the fields of investigation, security, and education. 

As Director of Operations for Discovery Groups, LLC, MS Young is responsible for the case management of a full service investigation agency whose client base consists of attorney firms, financial institutions, insurance companies, political candidates, celebrities, small business, the private sector, and eight fortune 500 companies. Internationally, Discovery has worked for the governments of Canada and Mexico and has affiliates in Bulgaria, England, Costa Rica, and Australia. As Co-founder, licensed teacher and administrator of Discovery Detective Academy, Arizona, Ms. Young plays an active role in the licensing, accreditations', and creation of investigation curriculum. Prior to co-founding her own companies, Ms. Young worked a licensed private investigator in the Los Angeles area where she worked and case directed many high profile cases involving crime rings, celebrities, political candidates, international fraud schemes, counterfeiting, etc. Ms. Young is a graduate and past guest instructor of Nick Harris Detective Academy in California, and has completed course work at UCLA, Moorpark College, Professional Arts Group, Actors Studio, as well as many legal continuing education seminars.

In 2007 she was appointed to the Arizona DPS Security and Investigations Board as its PI member.  From 2012 - 2016 she was the Board Chairman.  January of 2016 she termed out and was recognized by the Director of DPS for her service in the investigations and security industries.

From 2005 to current Dana has been an active board member of AALPI the Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators.  From 2012 - 2016 she was the President of the state organization. During this time she increased membership by 30% and gained national recognition for the association and its lobbying efforts. In January 2016 she termed out and is now the acting Past President to advise the current President.

Because of her love for adoption locates, she received her license by the Arizona Supreme Court as a Certified Intermediary where she helps her team reunite lost family members from adoption and foster care.  In 2013 she was appointed to the Supreme Court Confidential Intermediary Licensing Board.  She is currently the Vice Chair.

She is additionally certified to teach and work on human trafficking cases which is one of the world's second largest industries and most wide spread crime.


Her next endeavor is local politics and continuing to run her companies.






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Discovery Detective Group & Academy
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Owner & CEO
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Law, Ivestigations and Legal Professions Education
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Discovery Groups, LLC and its divisions: Discovery Detective Group, Discovery College, Discovery Hospitality Solutions, Discovery Verify. 

Since 1981, Discovery Detective Group has been recognized for providing exceptional investigative strategies and services to individuals, companies, and governments. Our goal is to gather the intelligence our client's need, so they can make wise, informed decisions to achieve their goals.

In 1996 finding a need for trained investigators we started an AZ Private Postsecondary College, Discovery Detective Academy; now Discovery College. In 1997 we added Process Server training and are approved by the AZ Supreme Court to teach and certify continuing education.  In 1998 we added Security classes and in 2001 we were certified to train for DPS security guard certification and concealed weapons permits. In 2003 we added other law based courses to the Academy; Liquor Law and Food Safety Management for certification with AZ DLLC and AZ Environmental Health. Soon after we added an investigation division for the hospitality industry to handle backgrounds, private audits and undercover investigations. 

Our Investigation Divisions and the basics of what they can do for you:

FAMILY MATTERS deals with custody, elder abuse, child abuse, substance abuse, mental abuse, adoption locates, mate checks, pre-and post-involvement checks, modification of support, asset investigations, divorce issues, and much more.   ATTORNEY SERVICES deals with the many civil and criminal matters handled by attorneys, as well as trail prep, courtroom presentation, process service, locates, interviewing, and expert testimony. We provide the evidence that makes you successful and look good in court.    ASSET RECOVERY deals with the expert location and recovery of chattel, real property, and hidden assets. We are the best in the country for recovering lost assets from fraud rings and aiding in their prosecution.   BUSINESS SOLUTIONS for your business investigative needs of employment backgrounds, partnership and merger due diligence backgrounds, theft, embezzlement, trade secrets, intellectual property, undercover, secret shopper, workplace violence, security, workers comp, hidden assets found for judgments and collection, difficult process service, criminal and civil cases of all types.  HOSPITALITY SOLUTIONS handles dram shop defense investigations, private audits for food safety and liquor licensing, employment backgrounds, investigation and testimony for civil and criminal issues.  DISCOVERY VERIFY is a spin off to handle bulk employment backgrounds, fingerprinting, I-9 checks, and passport photo for licensing or employer badges. 

We have specialists and experts in Hospitality, Liquor Law, Food Safety, Jewelry, Precious Stones, Metals, Family Law, Security, Investigation Law & Ethics, and Adoption...

Licensed in Arizona & California. 


Our members are and have been on boards of many state licensing and regulatory agencies.

6501 East Greenway Parkway
Address Line 2
(480) 951-6545

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