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Christine Camacho



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Christine Camacho

As a former radio personality turned events and marketing professional, I'm in love with the art of storytelling. I love every opportunity hear people's stories at networking events and sharing people's stories through my business.

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Chocolate Volcano
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Event Management, Events, catering, hospitality, marketing, PR
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As a former radio personality turned event and marketing professional, I've fallen in love with the art of story telling.  From weddings where I get to highlight a couple's love story to working with small to mid size companies in showcasing their brand stories, I am always honored for an opportunity to bring any and all special moments to life in unique and memorable ways.

My expertise in the entertainment industry from planning major promotions and concerts to developing fundraising events for the American Cancer Society has led me to over 8 years of event planning and marketing experience.  In those 8 years,  I've learned that sharing your story is intimate, whether it's your love story or your brand story, and you need someone on that journey that is detail oriented, professional and easy to get along with. Let me be your co-pilot on this next adventure and I will happily help you navigate the events process with ease and comfort.   

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