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Neil "Bud" Levey

The Business Guidance Group, LLC is a company dedicated to helping the small business person realize their business goals and dreams. The Business Guidance Group believes that, all in all, having a successful business can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. At the Business Guidance Group we prefer to make it easy and would be happy to show you how. At times ALL busiensses run into challenges, I call them "hurdles" that need to be over come. When you're working IN your business on a regular basis it is hard to see exactly what those hurdles are and how to resolve them. The Business Guidance Group can help you do that, usually in a rather short period of time, and together we can come up with a plan to resolve that hurdle. Once DONE it's on to the next hurdle. Everytime a hurdle is over come Your business and YOU grow!! Let the Business Guidance Group help "Guide you over Your business hurdles".

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Business Guidance Group, LLC
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"Guiding you over YOUR business hurdles"
The Business Guidance Group, LLC is dedicated to help small business owners: 
1. overcome their most challenging business problems, 
2. guide their business to be more efficient and profitable 
3. help the owner develop an effective exit strategy.

The Business Guidance Group has the ability to help the small business owner prevent many, many mistakes along the path of growth and prosperity. There is no reason every business has to repeat the errors and mistakes of others. The cost of those mistakes can be huge while the cost of prevention is very small in comparison. 

The Business Guidance Group, LLC has many expert group members in all areas of business such as: IT, computers, accounting, payroll, HR, marketing, advertising, warehousing, credit card processing, legal, etc, etc.

Let me help "guide you over your business hurdles" and make your business profitable and fun again!

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(602) 721-6814

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