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Brion H. Crum

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Brion H. Crum

At Caliber: The Wealth Development Company there's no pipe dream promises, just tangible investments with tangible returns!

We help successful business owners including doctors & attorneys, real estate investors, corporate executives, top sales performers in their industry and especially people who are growing & selling successful businesses be able to directly access wealth building strategies previously only available to institutions & the mega wealthy. If you are open to seeking greater wealth for yourself and your loved ones Please use Book Now link to Schedule a call/meeting with me: http://booknow.so/contact-brioncrum to explore these exciting opportunities.

Caliber:The Wealth Development Company is an Inc 500/5000 company Brion is the Director of Investor Relations where his primarily role is to drive revenue and profitability to all business units and increase shareholder value for their investors. Caliber uses a private equity structure to offer access to an asset class that comprises nearly 20% of the US yet is almost exclusively limited to institutional investors. 

Caliber supports the local business community by hosting Caliber Summit events that provide speakers on topics of interest to business owners, entrepreneurs &investors. We also have a crowd-funding portal that will be used to raise capital for Arizona businesses & projects.

We have been able to return 28.3% to our investors in 2013 and 19% in 2014 and continued double digit 14% in 2015 Through diligent acquisitions and superior management we can maintain 15-20%+IRRs. Caliber is developing and strengthening relationships with our clients, strategic partners, investors, economic developers, community based organizations and non-profits. With Caliber you Invest on Main Street not Wall Street

Brion serves President of the Leadership council for Playworks Arizona whose mission is to improve the health & well-being of children and reduce bullying.

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Caliber - The Wealth Development Company
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Director of Investor Relations
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Financial Services
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Brion has been in the financial services industry since 1993, joining Merrill Lynch in September 2010. Brion earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in both Finance and Aviation Management from The Ohio State University. Brion's experience in investments, insurance and financing for businesses has created a foundation in understanding the needs of business owners and individuals to help them strive to meet their financial and lifestyle goals. Brion is a dedicated financial services professional who has spent nearly two decades assisting clients with their retirement and business transition needs, high-net-worth guidance, and mortgage and collateralized lending services. In addition to working with high-net-worth individuals, Brion specializes in small to medium-size businesses, their owners, employees and their families. His vision is to help clients live the life they dream about and answer questions about finances and investing that people have always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask.

16074 North 78th Street
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(480) 3496573

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