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Trusted Business Advisor bringing cutting edge and highly beneficial strategies to large and middle market businesses. Strategic Innovator Relationship Builder Persuasive High Energy Client Centric Organized Win – Win Negotiator Socially Adept Honest - Loyal Specialties: Career advisory professional with extensive high level experience producing new business relationships.

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831B CAPTIVE INSURANCE A captive insurance company is a risk-management and business-planning tool for businesses and their owners. A captive is a small insurance company that is owned by one or more business owners to provide insurance for the business. A captive is an insurance company, not an insurance product. The key benefits of a captive include a tax deduction of up to $1,200,000 per year, PER cell, for insurance premiums, which is specifically permitted by the Internal Revenue Code. Client not limited to one cell should risks permit. ADVANTAGES OF A CAPTIVE Wealth Accumulation A captive is a wonderful estate planning vehicle; the captive also provides strong protection of assets against frivolous lawsuits and litigation threats. Tax Savings Congress has given favorable tax treatment to insurance companies under Section 831(b) of the Code. Reduce Insurance Costs By eliminating the overhead of big insurance companies, a captive can reduce insurance costs and pocket the difference. A captive can directly access the reinsurance markets, with benefits that can include increased potential capacity, lower pricing, coverage benefits, and reduced exclusions Improve Cash Flow With a captive, the business can retain insurance premium dollars within the business enterprise, and increase investment income. Control Risk. A captive can provide better control of claims, increase insurance coverage, improve underwriting flexibility, and provide access to the reinsurance market. ESTATE PLANNING: Potential based on structure to pass MILLIONS out of the estate to the next generation without being subject to gift tax. WHO QUALIFIES TO PARTICIPATE Candidates for captives generally meet at least ONE of the following criteria: Pre-tax profits of $1 million to $50 million Substantial self-insured / uninsured business risk 25 or more employees Extensive traditional third-party insurance expense (P&C, Workers’ Comp., Med. Malpractice, etc.)

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