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Brian G Wood

A retired offcier with 34 years service in the Canadian Forces, Brian saw service across Canada with tours of duty overseas. During his service he served with many Army and Air Forces units as both a Regular Force and active duty Reservist. After full retirement in 2010, he selected the Valley of the Sun as his retirement destination. From the warmth of the climate and the hospitality of the many friends and fellow veterans he met and continues to meet, along with a renewed passion to help others, his vision of Hero's Haven grew from a concept in December 2010 to a registered Non-Profit Company as of 4 October 2011.

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Hero's Haven
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Hero's Haven Inc is a Non-Profit company that has been established to recognize the service of fellow veterans,active duty and retired, the devotion and support of their spouses and families; the supreme sacrifice of widows, widowers and parents of those Killed In Action; and the dedicated suport of civil servants to the military establishements across North America, retired and currently employed. Hero's Haven will offer a high end, low cost vacation destination. We will support local veterans and their families by providing employment opportunities. A yearly program to house, employ, and reintegrate up to eight Homeless Veterans that will run in a yearly cycle is a small but important element of this project. The plan includes a "store front" coffee shop busines that will provide additional employment opportunities while raising funds to offset annual operating expenses, provide funds for future expansion to locations such as Florida and to support local Veterans charities.

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