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Tony Krznarich



I grew up in Phoenix and after High School went straight to work. Opportunity after opportunity deterred me from going to college but I did end up getting six hours if college courses completed so I could mark "Some College" on applications. :)


I went on to have two successful careers one in Aerospace for 15 years and another with an Online Media company for 12 years until recently starting my Digital Marketing company, DigMar Consulting.


Check me out on LinkedIn at https://linkedin.com/in/crescentwrench and I have backgrounds in Minerals, Supply Chain Management, and Online Media. I have been around Food and Beverage my entire life and have aspirations of owning a restaurant one day.


As a youth I played sports all year round and excelled as a Basketball player at Brophy College Preparatory. During grade school I washed dishes at my mother's Mexican Food restaurant and in High School you would find me on a construction site as a Rodbuster during summer and Christmas breaks. I have built Bank Vaults, Churches, Apartments, Warehouses and my biggest job and last job I was 19 years old, five days out of high school and we built the Hilton Hotel in Mesa on Alma School and US 60. That was 1984 and it is still standing. 


With Honeywell I stayed four years each in three different departments in the Aftermarket Division for Airline parts. My responsibilities centered around being a Divisional Liaison where I built relationships and created an atmosphere of one company to gain leverage for material availability to satisfy Airlines. I worked with Buyers from Boeing and GE and received a letter of recognition from Boeing and a Memorial from Japan Airlines.


My career at Move Inc is what dreams are made of. Another opportunity to learn a business from the ground floor up and get paid to do it. However, this was like dog years. Within a year I was sent to Toronto to move a Virtual Tour call center to Scottsdale and a year after that I became a Manager and was sent to great places in the country for Realtor events. I managed multiple software product lines and monitored AUI testing on new offerings or a site roll out. Primary role was coaching Realtors coast to coast on how to go from offline to online advertising, listing issues, technical issues and feedback or resolution management. As well I managed for ten years anywhere from 1-60 employees depending on my role at the time.


Today I enjoy staying abreast with Digital Advertising and Technological advances. I watch old movies on broadcast TV and listen to music live and at home a lot. My favorite thing to do is watch Thoroughbred Racing.

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DigMar Consulting
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Author, Speaker, Business Coach
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Public Technology Consultant
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BrandTony.com Ph: 480-300-2120 Email: Tony@BrandTony.com - Technology Consultant, Small Business Advocate with Efficiency, Big Data, AI, AR, Brand Marketing, CyberSecurity. Blockchains, IoT, websites vs Apps, Social Media, Net Neutrality, The Cloud, Intent Data, Behavorial Biometrics, Robots, Bots, Chatbots and Botnets.

My goal is to bring clarity and relevance by using anaolgies and references that will allow the light bulb to turn on for those who are willing to learn ane want to have a better understanding of current advancements.

Call me for a free consultation at 480-300-2120.BrandTony.com Ph: 480-300-2120 Email: Tony@BrandTony.com

or http://DigMarConsulting.com

Author of my upcoming Book, 'How to Talk to Bots." My perspective of the Internet and Technology in the Past, Present and Future. From Rebar and Minerals to Technology Specialist.

I simplify. Then, I simplify again and again and again...

I am available for Speaking Engagements to any public or private group to help with their transformation and understanding of the Internet and Technology. One-on-one consultation available.

I pride myself with understanding where you are coming from and where you want to be. My nature to help is genuine as I answer any questions you may have in a polite and respectful manner. All of us will adapt by the force of the Universe over the next 30 years. I enable people to accept and appreciate the value I know you can gain with Online Media and Technology.

There are millions of you out there. I get asked, I see confusion in seminars and meetings, I feel you are craving to learn more. Maybe too embarrassed to ask the question or not sure where to start.

I was you in 2001 when I walked into the number one Online Media company in the Real Estate Portal Industry.

I go over the history of Human inventions that led to the World Wide Web. My focus will be on the strategies I used before my transition from tying Rebar, Dredging for Gold, Aerospace and how I ended up with Top Ten Influencers in industries of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Digital Marketing, IoT,, Cyber Security, Big Data, Brand Management, Social Media and Blockchains.

I also provide Consulting Services to Small Businesses on efficiency and valued feedback on increasing awareness of your Business and my vision on what you can do for growth.

Contact me for details at;
email: tony@brandtony.com

My Best Always

2338 East Palm Lane

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