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Brady Busby

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Brady Busby

I recently moved back to Arizona after a 20 years of living around the world. I am retired from the Army and being a fly fishing guide. I most recently moved from Colorado, but have lived in New York, Georgis, Texas, Korea, and Germany. I am a Combat Veteran and served in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan before being medically retired in 2012. I am co founder of Hooks and Fur where we facilitate fishing and hunting trips for both Active Duty and honorably discharged Combat Veterans. I also have a family nonprofit organization called the Ashley Busby Foundation, started by my wife and I to honor our daughter who passed away on 15 March 2018. Learn more at ashleybusby.org and to read about my life and how I have overcome traumatic events go to www.healingwatersbook.com

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Hooks and Fur
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I am a Combat Veteran who has been through a lot in War and in Life. I have found healing from my traumatic events in my life through the love of the outdoors. Hooks and Fur is a nonprofit organization that I Co Founded with my life long friend John Fire. We facilitate fishing and hunting trips for all active duty and honorably discharged Combat Veterans free of charge. Find out more at www.hooksandfur.com

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