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Bradley Scruggs

I consider myself to be an extremely motivated and passionate worker. I have always had a passion for business and entrepreneurship and got an early taste of it when I was 18 years old. My brother, friend, and I started a YouTube channel giving tips on the popular video game called FIFA. It is a game that we enjoyed playing, but we also saw a lot of potential to make money as the YouTube gaming community was growing. We grew our channel to 70,000 subscribers and 12,000,000 total views without spending any money on advertising. We grew our channel by making connections with other YouTubers and building partnerships with EA Sports, Kick TV, and Machinima Inc. Along with this, we optimized our views by analyzing our analytics and learning the changing algorithm of YouTube.

Our YouTube channel was always growing, but the three of us became very busy to keep with the popular demand of getting multiples videos per week. My degree was in Biology and I had the passion to go to medical school to be a practicing physician. I obtained a few hundred hours shadowing doctors volunteering at a clinic for the underprivileged. On top of this, I worked in a cadaver lab and I worked as a medical scribe in two different emergency departments. I am not currently pursing medicine anymore, but all of these experiences have built character and helped develop me into the person I am today.

My main focus in life right now is Joblyt. My brother Brian Scruggs, my friend Ahmad Saleem, and I created Joblyt. The company revolves around a mobile app that connects users who are creating short term tasks with people who are willing to work at any given time. The task could be anything from yard work, house cleaning, or moving help. We were one of 80 companies that entered a Shark Tank style competition at Grand Canyon University and were fortunate to win the competition. We have built connection with people who want to see Joblyt grow. I am excited for the future of our company!

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Joblyt LLC
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