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Catherine Napoli-Cohen

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Catherine Napoli-Cohen

We are Barry & Catherine Cohen. Happily married since 1996, we have launched several very successful businesses together. For fun (and as a way to promote our company, Business Solutions for Growth) we took our knowledge and special skills to connect with other couples that live, love and work together and created a fun and informative podcast called Together 24/7. 

Our small Phoenix home is on a big acre. We call it The Cohen Kibbutz and we grow fruit, vegetables, have chickens (eggs only) and raise tilapia in our aquaponics setup. In our spare time we love to travel and have been blessed to see some of the most beautiful places on earth. We enjoy travel, we are foodies and we love SciFi movies. Oh and wine. We love wine.

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Business Solutions for Growth
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Business Strategist and Podcaster
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Business Strategist and Blueprint Creator
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Business Solutions for Growth's customized solutions helps business owners create a clear-cut direction to achieve business objectives. As your market changes, Business Solutions for Growth's expert perspective and experience will help you turn your passion into profits. Business Solutions for Growth can also help you reimagine your product or service offerings to meet new market needs.

To go from good to GREAT, you need a blueprint to follow. We'll strategize with you to lay out the right plan for your business.

We also host a fun and informative (and did we mention fun?) podcast called Together 24/. The podcast is dedicated to insane couples like us who live together and created and grow their business together. Listen to our podcast with a new episode every Monday. Even if you aren't sweethearts with your business partner, you'll learn a lot, laugh a lot and walk away with new business tips and tools.

3928 East Beverly Road

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