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Arnold Hickey

Arnold Hickey's first realized his entrepreneurial DNA when as a 20 year- old he founded a heavy equipment repair business in Alberta, Canada.   After growing his business over (how many years) to ( number of employees) Arnold leveraged that success to become the Manager of Ground Equipment for Canadian Airlines.  His career progressed further and into a new direction when he was asked to lead the Sales and Services organization for the $3M Airlines Cargo business unit with over 60 employees. In a short eighteen months he was assigned a bigger responsibility for the yield on a $250M Revenue stream.  Arnolds most impactful success story with the Airline was a Headquarters assignment in which he evaluated critical business processes and made improvements whose combined contribution to the bottom line were $7.2M.  When the airline was acquired by Air Canada, Arnold was appointed to a team that merged the sales and marketing teams together for the two carriers. 


In 2000 with the acquisition of the 2 airlines, Arnold took the opportunity to apply his team building expertise to the world of Commercial and Residential Real Estate first in his native Edmonton and most recently in the competitive Phoenix Arizona market.  During the past 18 years Arnold has owned and operated 2 real estate brokerages and a mortgage lending company where he has hired and trained nearly 100 licensed real estate agents. After completing the Quantum Leap training and seeing the results in applying it in his own life he knew that he had to bring this Quantum Leap business advisors program to the market place and train other business owners in 10 core lead generation, sales, margin increase, team, systems and much more. 

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Accord Consulting Solutions International
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Founder, President & CEO
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In 2018 many business owners in Arizona are looking to achieve more customers, more revenue and more profit-in-their-pocket. If you can relate to this, then you'll love our next business growth webinar!

We're excited to announce that Arnold Hickey will be hosting a special free keynote presentation in January 2018 titled The 5 Step Formula to Double Your Profits in 2018.

Please Note: Arnold won't be talking about how to grow your business by just 10-20%.

Instead, Arnold will be talking about how to grow by 50-100% in 12 months (6 if you're motivated). Arnold's goal for this presentation is to give you a 'doable' step-by-step process for significant growth in 2018.

You'll leave this free presentation with a dozen or more ideas to grow your business…

Specifically, here's what Arnold will cover;

ue  The 5 steps, in priority order, that you need to take to put more profit in your pocket this year.

ue  How to make your promotions work, so you get a return on your advertising dollar

ue  Low cost (even no cost) ways to dramatically improve your profits

ue  20+ practical business growth strategies that you can do!

ue  How you can take a step-by-step approach and double your profits this year

Arnold is an accomplished local business owner. His presentation will be powerful, compelling, straight-forward and completely free of any annoying "sales-pitches". Be prepared to take lots of notes because this presentation is content-rich.


To reserve your seat for the 5 Step Formula to Double Your Profits in 2018 keynote presentation call 602-346-1032 or email arnold@accordcsi.com

602 346 1032

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