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In my most humble beginnings, I worked within the hospitality field as a master of the valet craft. I could parallel park a train, but more than just a job that I held for 4 years working throughout college, it was a crucial part of my development of anticipating guests' needs, establishing immediate trust, and learning how to build a rapport with thousands of visitors.

I rounded off my Biological Science degree in 2010 and founded a 3D Eyewear company through a stroke of timing and luck, with my business partner Nicolas Kane. After winning two successful entrepreneur grants from ASU, we launched a company that first developed and distributed 3D eyewear for leisure viewing. We had some of the greatest shark tank moments going through the ups and downs of business. Although we weren't able to close a multi million dollar contingency buyout offer, I learned a tremendous amount of experience that I find valuable to others.

After my pursuit of happiness, I had to get back to work. As a Sales Manager of a 50 mile territory in Arizona for SNAP Diagnostics; A Sleep Apena and Snoring testing provider, I had daily face to face interaction with medical specialists in every field. Commission based only, so I worked my tail off. I loved the experience, I felt it added to my work history and degree field.

Overall, I do find passion in business, hence on my resume, you would continue to see I also managed to find a decent work/life balance while also working for Zenfinity Capital on an as needed basis as an Operations Manager. My skill set from my past start-up experience led me to Venture Capital. The Principals at the firm are two of the greatest guys to be around. I have learned a full 360 of what it means to be an entrepreneur and on the other end as an investor.

Other skills and specialties include:
-International/Domestic ranked Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Athlete
-Instructed over 4,000 group circuit training classes

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Eastridge Workforce Solutions
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Business Development
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Staffing and Recruiting
Manufacturing, Distribution, Business Development, I.T., Finance and Accounting, Admin
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Headquartered in San Diego, family owned and operated for 45 years.  But brand new to Phoenix!  Eastridge Workforce Solutions provides an end-to-end solution for all staffing and recruiting needs.  We service 10 different verticals such as Manufacturing & Distribution, Finance & Accounting, I.T., Administrative, Healthcare, Science, Legal and more.  

Workforce Management:

Our Workforce Management Division provides solutions that are rooted in our commitment to providing both exceptional customer service and best-in-class Workforce Technology. We focus on helping our clients reduce cost, increase efficiency and mitigate risk while providing visibility into worker and vendor management. Our services are consultative by design and assist companies in reaching their contingent workforce goals.

Workforce Recruitment: We deliver industry leading Workforce Recruitment solutions, backed by over 40 years of experience. Our culture of collaboration allows our specialized recruitment teams to reach across division boundaries to maximize success for our clients.

Workforce Technology: Eastridge CloudTM is a next-generation platform for managing your contingent workforce. Unlike legacy Vendor Management Systems (VMS), The Eastridge Cloud was designed to be easy to use, yet capable of solving the most complex enterprise challenges. The Eastridge Cloud seamlessly integrates Eastridge's 1099 compliance, payrolling, MSP, and recruitment services.

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