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Tony Stark Policci

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Tony Stark Policci

My priorities are; love God, live with integrity, do amazing work and in all of it, deliver excellence, show love and inspire faith. As a man I work to the best husband in the world to my wife, an awesome role model & father to my sons and daughters - and the guy YOU turn to for brilliant marketing. I leave things better than I found them...be that a business or a life.

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Absolutely Brilliant Concepts, Marketing Consulting and Copywriting
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CEO & Owner
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Marketing and Advertising
copywriting and communications
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Here's Good News... You've Just Found a Company that Delivers No-Nonsense Marketing, Copy Writing & Consulting Services - GUARANTEED to Work...or We'll Refuse to Accept a Fee Absolutely Brilliant Concepts Marketing and Consulting Inc. was born out of a global need by entrepreneurs, and small business owners looking for simple solutions to their biggest marketing challenges. Providing you with solutions that are not only brilliant in design, but easy and cost effective to use is more than our pleasure...it's our obsession. What Exactly Does The "No-Nonsense" In Our Description Mean? It means ABC won't try to impress you with buzz words you don't understand. We'd rather dazzle you with results! Smoke and mirrors belong in dance clubs and Vegas shows, not in a marketing consulting firm . We also won't promise something we can't deliver, and while we'll always be professional, we insist on being straightforward. In other words...we tell you the truth not what sounds good. Last but not least, we don't let ego get in the way of your profits. NEVER, ever, will we create something for you that has a better chance of winning an award than it does of filling your pockets with profits. ABC is nothing if not results oriented. Our passion to demystify the marketing process is key to the dynamite results we deliver to our clients...and we can deliver the same for you! It's not rocket science, but it is scientific. Dynamite Results are the natural outcome of smart and scientific marketing. We specialize in creating direct response marketing programs and writing killer copy for online or off line media. We will give you honest advice and if you like, we'll be delighted to assist you with any marketing or promotional need you have. Contact us today for a no cost, no obligation phone consultation and discover how many Absolutely Brilliant Concepts we can deliver for you! A Personal Note from the CEO If you are an entrepreneur or a businesses I help you dominate your market by showing you super successful marketing strategies and creating irresistible ad copy that infects your prospects with the desire to buy. When I agree to take on a client, their needs become as important to me as my own, and while the results of our relationship can be measured in profits, it is always second in value to kinship we develop. Specialties I create copy that is compelling and gets results. Sales letters Broadcast Scripts (radio and TV) Web copy Brochures Newsletters Catalogs Video scripts Product, program, or company name development Taglines and slogans Speeches Instruction manuals Print ads Marketing is everything you do to create a buying opportunity. I've developed a proprietary method of discovering exactly what will, and what won't work for my clients...if that gets your heart beating faster, call me.

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