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Amanda Marie Dziuk

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Amanda Marie Dziuk

I am an innovative marketing and talent professional who's passionate about community advocacy. I thrive when I can bring people together to make a positive impact. With over four years in talent acquisition, my expertise is within talent strategy, employer branding, and business development. As a dynamic and emerging leader, I am focused on corporate social responsibility as value creation. I am known as a creative thinker, building social media and advertising campaigns within our team to spread an infectious amount of social good throughout the world. Feel free to reach out regarding interest in available career openings or community outreach opportunities. I would love to connect with you! E-mail: amanda.dziuk@nextiva.com Nextiva Cares: www.nextiva.com/cares Career Opportunities: www.nextiva.com/careers

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Marketing Strategist & Career Coach
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Marketing and Advertising
Digital Marketing & Professional Coaching
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Professionally, I started my career in human resources and talent acquisition. As the landscape of hiring changed, I found myself adding more marketing techniques to the hiring process. After successfully recruiting for high-volume and high-level corporate roles (+showing enthusiasm +showing my capabilities in marketing) I was offered the opportunity to join the marketing team as a Brand Manager with Nextiva. This was an amazing accomplishment and growing experience for me that I am still very grateful for. With all that I learned at Nextiva, I was inspired to branch out on my own with Laminai, a hybrid career coaching, and digital marketing company. I learned so much about how to build my own website, SEO, design, and business development. I believe that learning is a lifelong ongoing project and even with my own company, I wanted to continue to enhance my skills as a digital marketer.I joined Markitors, a digital marketing company which did just that! My experience includes SEO copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, SEM, PPC, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, Client Satisfaction and the list goes on! I'm happiest when I am creating, designing, analyzing and finding solutions, coming up with new ideas, collaborating with a team, and managing client projects. In my free time, I love hiking, yoga, psychology, photography, my fur-children, and spending time with friends and family. I also like to stay involved with Arizona's local non-profit community, and digital nomads everywhere. Here's how I do it: C O M M U N I T Y - CO+HOOTS Foundation | Board Member & Marketing- PCHF | Emerging Leaders Committee - SWHD | Care2Act Committee | laminai.com | cohootsfdn.org | oceg.org | care2act.org | nextiva.com | markitors.com | remotive.io | #yesphx


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