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Alicia Leombruni

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Alicia Leombruni

I grew up in Rockford, Illinois and went to college at Northern Illinois University where I got my Bachelors degree in interpersonal communications. After college, I realized that I needed to live in a climate where there was no snow and all sun as I could not take another Illinois winter. Where better to live then in the wild wild west in Arizona, so I packed up my bags and moved out to Arizona where I have lived for the last 17 years. I've spent 12 of those 17 years in the fitness industry, competing, modeling, personal training, nutritional counseling and changing peoples lives into living healthy. At the same time I also worked at a personal injury law firm in Scottsdale as a settlement negotiator, negotiating medicals with a variety of health care providers. I've enjoyed all of my jobs since I have such a wide variety and deal with all sorts of people but I felt my life needed something more. Little did I know my life was about to take a big turn. I've always had this idea to make pancake syrups sweetened with Stevia but I just figured sometime in life a company would end up making this product and I would buy it when it came out on the market. My body can not tolerate artificial sweeteners and I've always used Stevia which is an all natural sugar-free sweetener made from the Stevia plant. I then decided I was going to make my own line of sugar free pancake syrups since I strongly believe there is a definite need for these products in the market as Stevia is the sweetener of the future. Between working at the law firm and nutritional consulting I spent the last year developing Ali's All Natural which is the name of my own line of all natural, sugar free pancake & dessert syrups sweetened with Stevia. I have developed an amazing 5 flavor line of pancake syrups and I have all natural sugar-free dessert syrups sweetened with Stevia coming out very soon. I am in the process of spreading the word letting people know that products like mine even exist as there are none currently offered out there on the market. I need to thank God for making this all possible as this last year has been a tremendous learning experience learning what it takes to make a product and how to successfully market it. My syrups can be purchased at select stores and markets throughout the country. What's next in Ali's pipeline you may ask, well right now I am just marketing my pancake syrup line at a variety of trade shows, home shows, diabetic conventions & markets. The products can also be purchased on my website at www.alisallnatural.com. I am blessed and feel very luck to have developed such an amazing, delicious line of products and will only be making more products down the road. All of my products will always be made with all natural ingredients and sweetened with Stevia. You will never find any artificial ingredients or preservatives in any of my products. From a fitness guru to a personal injury settlement negotiator to the next famous syrup mogul changing the lives of many not only to be smarter with their food choices but making a change to living a healthy life is my plan. I hope everyone enjoys my sweet products and stays tuned at http://alisallnatural.com for more of my famous products to be released!

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Ali's All Natural
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food business, make sugar free all natural pancake & dessert syrup sweetened w- stevia
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Ali's All Natural offers all natural sugar-free pancake syrups sweetened with Stevia which are delicious alternatives free from toxic chemical sweeteners, artificial flavors and ingredients. We will soon be launching our sugar-free dessert sundae syrups line. All of Ali's products are sweetened with the natural extracts from the Stevia plant which are low on the glycemic index, a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth without adding any extra calories & diabetic friendly.

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