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Alex Hobson

Providing quality and affordable patent preparation, filing (US and worldwide) and patent prosecution services. Supporting small to mid-sized companies, particularly start-up companies as well as individual inventors.

A unique intellectual property service company that couples experience in the areas of invention, innovation and product development with patent law expertise. This combination of skills enables Invention To Patent Services (ITP Services) to more effectively:

Draft strategically written patent applications.

Communicate with inventors and technical associates to quickly identify and understand the key differentiating features of the invention.

Consider and suggest alternative embodiments to ensure a full and broad scope of the invention.

Vet prior art and strategically draft patent applications that are differentiated.

Develop intellectual property strategies and manage patent portfolios.

Identify potential partners and manufacturing paths.

Maximize the value of client’s intellectual property through partner negotiations.

Specialties: USPTO Registration No. 57,173

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Invention To Patent Services
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Legal Services

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