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Al Forbes

Allen Forbes is the Executive Producer for all media projects produced by Three Horizons Productions. Mr. Forbes manages all investors' relationships, financing, and operational activities for THP. Working with Remi, he recently completed the production of the short film, Out Of Focus, a supernatural thriller, which required creative barters and deals to keep the production costs very low while maintaining high production values. Allen has worked with Remi for several years co-producing commercials, PSAs, and training programs for the United States Marine Corps, non-profit associations, and corporations. Training programs produced by THP have garnered awards for originality in Information Technology training. Allen is also working with Remi on the development of a non-profit multi-media program to teach young people how to protect their privacy in the electronic age. Mr. Forbes has a B.A. in Political Science and is a seasoned business and IT professional with international experience working with governments and numerous non-profit and business organizations. He is a well-respected speaker for NATO and other organizations in the field of information technology and media marketing. Mr. Forbes is also well-recognized in the community for his "out of the box" thinking and is often considered the "go to" man when something goes wrong, needs to be fixed, or simply needs to get done immediately. During our current feature film, "The Kiss," Allen will act as the business and government point person to negotiate "barter" deals with local businesses, law enforcement and the state government in order to facilitate production logistics and reduce costs. Allen will also coordinate all technology requirements on set to ensure uninterrupted computer and technical support for the crew.

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