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Carolyne Tait

Born in Mesa Arizona, and have lived in Metropolitan Phoenix all of my life. I attended Isaac Jr. High, and went to a small Christian private high school. I have worked in many different field for many years. I left high school after my freshman year to work to help my parents support my brothers and sisters. I received a GED from Phoenix Community College and continued to work a variety of jobs. One of my greatest passions was to become a fashion designer. I loved to sew and create beautiful garments. I had no experience and no formal education. I had a long history of manufacturing when we as Americans used to make things. I worked AT&T until they closed the network systems cable plant in Phoenix. I was offered the opportunity to go back to school. I chose to get a double miner an AAS in Marketing/Merchandising and one in Fashion Design at Phoenix Community College. I then went on to the University of Phoenix for a BS in Business Administration. I took a position as Internet sales and Designer for Structured Network Cabling Sytems Company in Phoenix. At the same time I purchased the domains of ArizonaBusiness.com and .org, while I continue to work and go to school I started ArizonaBusiness.com. I finally completed both my BSBA and currently have a Master in E-Business from the University of Phoenix. I continue to search and grow both personally and professionally supporting the Arizona Business community through my company ArizonaBusiness.com, LLC

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Who ArizonaBusiness.com is Today We market Arizona businesses online by providing the Internet tools, training, workshops and services that help keep your business visible and marketable online. Our Services Include: ~ Website Design ~ Website Hosting ~ Domain Name Registration/Renewal Management~Website Content Management ~ Web Graphics, Audio and Video ~ Website Optimization, SEO ~ DIY Tools and Training ~ Workshops Get a FREE Business Listing in Arizona at: http://www.arizonabusiness.com/directory/reg.php We at ArizonaBusiness.com continue to search and provide Internet marketing training, which helps to educate the business owner as the Internet constantly changes. Internet Marketing Workshops on: ~ Content Writing ~ Copy Write ~ Video and Audio Marketing Promotions ~ DIY Tool and Training ~ QR Codes ~ SMS Mobile Marketing Applications ~ Social Media Marketing Systems and Applications for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs. ~ SEO and More We have created strategic alliances with professional Internet marketing firms. Firms that provide the tools, training, and services that the ArizonaBusiness.com clients expect and want. ArizonaBusiness.com has affiliations with local companies bringing a full circle of Business Social Media Marketing tools. Utilizing the Social Media tool by Social Outbreak for Facebook business application. We have implemented standalone tools and workshops for Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. With local affiliations and allignments, ArizonaBusiness.com will show you how to use all of the social medias to pull it all together for ONE great Business Social Media Marketing System. Marketing your business online can be as simple as ABC with ArizonaBusiness.com How ArizonaBusiness.com Began Conceptualized and went online in October 1997, before the Internet was a household word. The focus was to create web pages specifically designed to promote key business area's in Metropolitan Phoenix and in Arizona. Creating listing pages for businesses located on Central Ave. in Phoenix, "What's on Central", "What's on Mill", or "What's on 5th Ave." At that time Carolyne spent most of her time with those strategic business locations educating, the business owner that the wave of the future of marketing would be Internet. ArizonaBusiness.com at that time also created the online business directory following the "Yellow Pages" phone book publication. Our online listings known today as ArizonaBusiness.com Directory or AB.CD. Promoting a FREE Business Listing, and for a small fee per year a premium listing which included features such as a link to the clients website, undisclosed e-mail recipient, ability to upload logos or photos, location maps and more. January of 2000 Carolyne Tait took the forefront of the business management stimulating growth and exposure in the community. ArizonaBusinesss.com has an upward and continual steady stream of growth. The goal has always been and will always be to provide Arizona Businesses the opportunity to market their business online affordably. Preview our Television commercial http://www.arizonabusiness.com/commercial On March 11th, 2003, ArizonaBusiness.com, LLC was formed. Carolyne Tait & Rick R. Connor as it's members. In April of 2005, Carolyne Tait became the sole member of ArizonaBusiness.com, LLC. WE ARE PROUD AND PLEASED TO HAVE HELPED ARIZONA BUSINESSES MARKET ONLINE FOR OVER 14 YEARS. THANK YOU ARIZONA BUSINESS COMMUNITY!

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