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Rick Allen

Rick Allen studied communications and marketing at Bob Jones University. He has over 35 years of business experience, having supported the General Motors Environmental Activities Staff, GM Research, GM Legal, the GM Proving Ground, and GMAC. He provided consulting services for several companies and organizations including the Alzheimer's Association and Honeywell Aerosoace. He is a public speaker and addresses audiences on a wide variety of topics including

  • Motivation
  • Success
  • Personal Development
  • Legal services
  • Identity Theft
  • Bible, Christianity, and related topics

Rick is a strong networker and connector in the Phoenix business scene and enjoys helping others form lasting referral partnerships. Rick is co-founder of EVENT Networking, a one-person-per-profession networking organization with many chapters throughout the Phoenix area. He and his business partner, Kaushik Sirkar founded EVENT Networking, a series of one person per profession networking teams. He is an Independent LegalShield Associate, specializing in small business and group benefits. Rick is a husband, father, and grandfather who loves helping people. Rick resides in the Ahwatukee Foothills community, and is active in the Ahwatukee Foothills Chamber of Commerce.

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LegalShield Independent Associate - 30fold Benefits Group
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Legal Services
Law, Legal Service Plans and Identity Theft Shield
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30fold Benefits Group is an Independent Associate with LegalShield, and provides a comprehensive suite of legal, business consulting, and identity theft protection services that help members protect their rights under the law and safeguards their personal identities, not only financial, but character, medical, drivers licence, social security, and tax identity as well. LegalShield also offers a special program designed to help commercial truck drivers with powerful protection that keeps good drivers on the road.

Equal justice without equal access is like no justice at all. Learn how LegalShield provides affordable legal and identity theft protection to individuals and families, small businesses, and truck drivers. Our indivdual and family plans are also the number one most requested employee benefit after health coverage.

Rick is also co-founder of EVENT Networking, the premier one person per profession networking organization with many chapters around the valley. You can learn more about EVENT Networking here in NetworkingPhoenix.com, or on the web at http://EVENTNetworking.org.

3145 East Chandler Boulevard
Address Line 2
Suite 110-424
(480) 221-6792

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