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Mechelle Tucker

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Mechelle Tucker

Mechelle Tucker, wife, mother, entrepreneur, trendsetter and the hardest working woman in which ever city she steps foot in. Born in Inglewood, California but started her entrepreneurial journey in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, AZ. Her journey encompasses a wide range of business entities, including, but not limited to, Marketing, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Health & Wellness, Special Events, Advertising and Travel. Her multitude of knowledge has empowered her, provided the personal experience, educational development and creativity to become an authority in business development, marketing and branding. She is also is a creative authority in power networking because of her outgoing personality and who she knows . In 2006, due to the lack of resources, connections, introductions & opportunities that many individuals & business owners did not seem to have, Mechelle started 1st Class Consultant, LLC, a consulting company that provides business support services for business owners, from real estate to community to various entertainment fields,. She has produced hundreds of successful independent, corporate campaigns and special events. Developing strong business connections, strategic alliances and joint ventures is what is important to her and making sure everyone's outcome is a 'Win-Win." Mechelle is a person of high integrity, and she listens with her heart, as well as her ears – regardless of whether the person in front of her could be a prospect, client, new friend or just someone to add to her network. Those attributes contribute to her passionate drive to develop and accelerate the growth of the small business community. Her love of people, community, empowerment and winning has created successful events, and wonderful personal and professional relationships. Power networking is a skilled art and Mechelle is a skilled business woman and it is no surprise that she has been recently nominated for "People Plus The Stars of Tomorrow Award" for her notable passion all that she embraces and wanting everyone to WIN.

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About 1st Class Consultant 1st Class Consultant, LLC is a leading national B2B/B2C consulting, professional networking and marketing boutique that's highly-specialized in executive small business consulting, financial services, viral marketing & event production, with the sole intent to network, uncover needs, identify solutions, and market to that solution with the primary initiative of providing a return on investment. Why 1st Class Consultant As a leading executive business consultant & networking expert our goal is to provide information, guidance, and expertise to assist individuals and businesses in identifying and utilizing unknown,unrecognized, and underused resources. We are passionate about accelerating the growth of the small to medium business community and in 2012 we will offer memberships to our network that will include multiple personal, professional and financial business products and service solutions for our members to save Time and Money. "1st Class Consultant is the catalyst for your business that will connect all the missing pieces to your personal and professional needs, regardless of your company size - BIG or small". - Mechelle Tucker, CEO & Founder

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